FF: Reimagined

Pretty much, many characters of old FF games getting an overhaul. First the villians…

Oscha Garland: A alchemist who sought eternal life, he is the “puppet master” of the shadows.
Look: Modeled after Christopher Lee.
Attire: Knight armor. A cross of 1980’s Cyberman(Doctor Who) & Oscha (FFU)

The Dark Wandering King, Chaos: Oscha obtained the form by making a blood pact with the four “Demon Kings of Hell” (Hein Lichdemort, Maralilth, Kraken, & Takhisis) that were sealed long ago. After they were killed off, their spirits entered Garland’s body and altered him into a chimaeric enity that can never truely die.

Design: A fusion of the four Fiends. Fused the designs of the combined Shintoushin(Inuyasha movie-4), Dark-King Mushrambo (Shinzo), the Master/N-MA (PRMF/Magiranger finale) & Sauron (Lord of the Rings movie). Has Dragon head/tentacles, (similar to Shaokhan’s animality, MK:Annilation), sprouting from his back.


Ixion: Its footsteps echo like thunder, speed like lightning.

Design (Normal): A cross of the FFX & FFXII versions.
Design (ZERO-form): Gouten (GARO) with a bluish colating, FFX2’s Ixion’s multi-eye look & horn, and energy pegasus wings.