FF references in FFIX

I’m replaying FF9,right, just fo the heck of it, and I get to the part where Dagger has to go through the trials for Ramuh. I start getting the story pieces. And then it hit me, the Joseph from the story is the one from FF2. All the parts match up to what happened in Salamando and the Snow Cave. Your char are the “troop”, the “traitor” is Borgen, and the fact that you never tell his daughter proves it.

Interesting. Yes?

You’re right. Interesting.

FFIX has a lot of references to FF other games. Maybe even one for each game (prior to FFIX obviously). As far as I can tell, there’s:
FFI: References to Matoya from certain key items, Mt. Gulug, Rat Tail, Une’s Mirror
FFII: The story you collect for Ramuh (apparently is about Josef and the Godess Bell)
FFIII: The music in the Black Mage Village (changes to an FFIII tune if you examine the phonograph and you have the Une’s Mirror and the something else in disc 4)
FFV: Boco Card references to Boko
FFVI: Terra (the world) has same name as Terra (the character)
FFVII: Examine a sword in Lindblum’s weapon shop and Zidane says how he saw a guy with spiky hair “carry a weapon llike this”
FFIX: The whole game references itself.
I’m sure there’s more, but what are they?

Catch them all! I think ffcompendium.com has a full list of them.

Here is the full list for anyone who wants it:


I was just playing the end part for no reason then I read that Cid said “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.” lol yoda’s phrase in star wars 1

And Kain’s lance refers to the actuall character Kain in… I think ff4 or 6 i don’t know for sure…

The FFCompendium has that, too.

There is also music references in FFIX that have been in other FF games. Their is a trick that you can do at Black Mage Village.

Let me guess…FFCompendium has a link to that too?