FF Maniac (New Here)

I’m an extremely viscious fan of Final Fantasy,Played Majority of Final Fantasies
and the japanese ones,FF3j FF2j(Denote the Ironic title).
and trying to learn Samurai Learnings and teachings.

I just want only to introduce myself into the board,and say hi to everyone.

Hi. Samurai no longer exist.

You do know that most of us are ninjas, right?

It’s true.

But your chat name is based on the fact that “cherry blossom” was used in the samurai class as a masculent title.

Ho ha!

Nice to meet you, much like the art of war, you can incorperate the way of the samurai into todays world, I myself find it very interesting as well

Yeah, see, Samurai teachings kinda became useless with a little invention known as the GUN.

Anyway, welcome to RPGC. Please wait while we chip away at your soul until there’s nothing left but a bitter, sarcastic asshole who is all too quick to point out when someone else is being an idiot.

I wish I had tucked my mask in my jacket before they took the picture.

I’m editing this post so that I don’t get banned.


nah nah, not fighting and stuff silly, you know, like a way of thinking

I’d like to mention that, like chivalry, Samurai teachings were less about the sword and more about the discipline.

Ahhh, yes… but where is the honor is using a gun? A child can kill a full grown man with little more than the strength to pull the trigger…

Now before this turns into a gun vs sword argument, I KNOW guns are better. I’m just saying for spite, that I think there is more involved in using a martial weapon, over a gun… Mainly because I think its silly to see trophy hunters who put deer heads over thier fire place cause they could sit in a tree wearing orange camo all day long.

I’m spiteful to certain things in cultural evolution.

Then again, hacking someone’s arm off isnt very tactful either.

'cause they got pwned.

Izlude, play to win. Go see David Sirlin’s site and he’ll teach you the wrongness of your ways.

And Metal_Zelda, have a sugar-coated Tyrant Rave Version Beta for your troubles of coming here.

This is so true.

Also, if you’re as big of a Final Fantasy fan as you say you are, I recommend checking out the Final Fantasy Compendium, the ultimate information source for all things Final Fantasy.

Hello and welcome!

Welcome and enjoy your stay. If you can avoid the ninjas that is. Which I’m sure is impossible.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome’ and offers to teach you the secrets of the ‘Big Happy Smilie Clan’.

Why be a samurai? Becoming a Smith is MUCH more easy.

Shove off. Anyway, I’m Yar Kramer, and this is the welcoming committee. Have a Munak.


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tackles and cuddles the Munak