FF Link Exchange

Let’s put up all the bookmarks we use for FF related goodness.

Eyes on FF
RPG Gamer
FF Extreme
FFantasyRiulyn’s Sheet Music ShrineFF Album releases
Sheet Music
Sheet musicAdvent Children
FF11 Mystery tour
FF11cyclopedia (FF11 Wiki)
SomePage (FF11 stuff)
Allakhazam (FF11 stuff)
FF Online Forums (the front page is static, or might as well be)
Speed Demos
VGMix (music)
Video Game Commercials
OC Remix
WarMech’s Domain

I pretty much just use RPGamer and the FFCompendium. :sunglasses: If I need anything else I use good ol’ Google.

Way to whore the site, cid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used Bluelaguna, I think it was called, for a motherload of MP3s. But really, I just go to gamespot. Why bother with fansites, when you usually find it on Gamespot (and IGN and 1up) first?

Maybe because Gamespot and 1up are chock-full of insane ads, popups, members-only content, and other things that attempt to drive you slowly insane?

What if I’m already insane?

Doesnt bother me at all.

I forgot this one: http://www.finalfantasycosplay.it/

I scanned about 70 FFVI douninshi covers, and they’re hosted on my friend’s site (click doujinshi):


GameSpy.com FF page(s):

Here’s a very cool site that has a lot of videos of limit breaks and other videos for FF7 and FF8. Ah, nostalgia…

i use ffcompendium gamespot gamefaq and yahoo all the time

This is a must for Final Fantasy aficionados – FF flash collection :wink:

The vast majority of entries on that page are complete and utter crap.