Man, have you finished anything?

I wonder: if they ever do remake FF7, would all that Gay Innuendo (from the mission in Sector 8) be kept? (Not only Cloud had to crossdress, but -in optional scenes- he gets a little too close to some wrestlers, and gets caught almost kissing Don Corneo!) Or is Cloud now too “manly” (long hair notwithstanding ;p ) for that? Personally, I wouldn’t mind either way, thought I did find it hilarious (and a nice break from all that tension) in my first playthrough. :smiley:

Did you ever get the Don to actually pick Cloud? That’d be a fun scene to watch in HD

And the Motorcycle fight! Imagine howcool that would be

With better graphics, that crossdressing scene could be a lot creepier.

Wouldn’t be nearly as creepy as Cloud’s date with Barret at the saucer though… and in HD too! O.o

Imho the scene most deserving of an HD remake would be Red XIII by his father’s side. Even if it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense (or perhaps especially so).

The Don Corneo scene would be made of win in HD. I never managed to get a date with Barret :(.

I did get Corneo to pick Cloud just for the fun of it. :hahaha; (I never think of the Main Character as ‘me’, unlike some players, so such things don’t bother me.)

However getting to “date” Barrett required always choosing the bad answers when talking to the girls, and that was too annoying, so I never bothered. What happened on it? :stuck_out_tongue:

(BTW, Kinda odd how the whole Date thing had variable possible characters when, from a story POV, it had to be with Aeris; it was the closest they had to an intimate moment together.)

I never managed to get a date with anyone other than aeris…saddens me.

Yes, just not the big names :frowning:

I just couldn’t ever bear to have the date with someone other than Aeris. I wanted her to get to do something fun before getting stabbed by Sephiroth!

Going out with Cloud is fun now?

“I had fun tonight. Let’s go together again.”
“You don’t like being with me?”


Well, her sense of humor did seem a little skewed to me back when I played FF7… :slight_smile: