July 22

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Even though I have the GBA remake, I still kinda want this too…

(but I’d still rather have some positive Dragon Quest news coming from SE - I know, I’m picky)

Possibly this will be the first version I’d actually enjoy.

I wish they’d remake FFI. They haven’t done that yet… have they?

Ooh, a version of FF4 that might actually be good.

On PSX and GBA. Mostly jsut a graphical update. The PSX version had an animated cutscene and the black wizard keeps his hood on instead of being some normal but slightly darker skinned person with stronger magic. The GBA version had the same graphics as the PSX, sans cutscene, but had some hidden areas and characters not in any other version (You can even fight Ultros from FF3/6).

…I think he was being sarcastic.

A full PS3 remake of FF7 would make millions of people collectively orgasm.

Or Xbox 360 for that matter. Even a PS2/Wii version would get people thundering to stores.

I would, as long as it was the same game. No extra material, new features, new places, just the same game with “HD” graphics. That’d be incredible, even you can’t deny that. VIII would be incredible too. Better, maybe. Think about it. We haven’t seen any epic level games like these on nextgen yet. Would I want to run around either of these worlds in 3d near-photorealism? You betcha.

Might make places like the Tomb of The Unknown King kinda pointless though. But eh, they were easy enough rither way.

Also, voice acting. Could be hit or miss. But haven’t you always wanted to hear Squall whine about life via your actual ears? Me either. It’d make things fun.

True, if they were to change anything, might as well jsut throw in Crisis Core to the begining and Advent Children to the end (in playable form).

But I digress. Back to the subject at hand. FF4 Ds looks awesome and I know I will get it when it comes out.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a few things changed. I don’t have the absolute devotion to the originals that others do, I guess. :sunglasses:

As for Squall: Only if they keep David Boreanaz. He’s not doing much now anyway, is he?

It would be cool if they made the game more immense, added sections to garden/midgar/whathaveyou that you didn’t NEED to explore, but added to the immensity of the games and had more people to talk to and such. I’m really against adding new quests and items though. I don’t want the game’s existing systems to be fucked with. I want to feel like I’m still playing FF7/8. Only prettier.

David Boreanaz is too manly for Squall. He doesn’t SOUND like a teenager. You don’t understand the whine factor I’d go for here, Cid :open_mouth: I want some people to want to kick him in the teeth at some points.


Considering how people hated Tidus despite the fact that his voice fitted his personality perfectly, I think you’d be in the minority there. 8p
Anyway, I never really saw Squall as whiny - more of the taciturn, angry teenager than the angst-ridden one.

Goddammit, now I’m going to go play FF7 again.

I hate you both, Sin and Hades. I hate you so much. :frowning:

On topic: I might actually buy this, I enjoyed the emulated version when I played it so why not.

Man, I’d like a FF7 DS remake. That might actually get me to finish the game.

Get Hayden Christensen to voice Squall. He possesses all the right sort of personality to voice someone like him.

By which I mean none.

I still like how, in KH2, the two least-angsty characters in the game were Squall and Eeyore.