FF is coming to Virtual Console.

Announced at GDC '09.
FF games are expected to be available this year.

On the one hand this means that everything of theirs that’s shown up on the VC isn’t doomed to be left as is.

On the other hand it’s yet another place to find the early FF games (although this could be awesome if you ever wanted to tackle FF3j without going through Emulation or that Rebalanced DS port).

And on the plus side to all of this we now have the room for them with the recently upgraded SD card support.

I also saw on wiki that the FFIV on cellphones will be coming to the Wii, so it will be nice to experience that.

Did they announce whether or not they were bringing over the unreleased FF games? Playing FFV in its original SNES form, with the GBA script if possible, would be pretty schweet.

But even if not, it’d be worth it to pick up a version of FF6 that doesn’t have mangled sound and/or loading times. I’d probably get FF4 as well, for the obvious reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which in of itself raises a good question. Will we be getting the original4 hard mode or US2 easy mode? Of course does anybody here want the easy mode, or is hard mode the only way to play?

I’d surprised if it wasn’t just the original US releases untouched.
(yeah, including Final Fantasy II on the title.
Sorta how SMB: The Lost Levels was listed as such in the Wii Shop menu, but the title screen was still SMB2.)

Yeah, if Nintendo didn’t go to the trouble of editing a few graphical tiles on the SMB2j title screen, I can’t imagine Squeenix would translate three RPGs, even if the scripts have already been done.

While I wouldn’t mind a hard-mode FF4 over the US FF2, I’ll still get it if that’s what we get.

Considering we’ve finally gotten games like Secret of Mana, the Phantasy Stars and the Shining Forces on the VC, I’m hoping we’ll get some more of the good 16-bit era RPGs, but I don’t think there are many that are left which are likely contenders. Earthbound seems like it’ll need a miracle at this point.

I still would like to see Bahamut Lagoon on the VC. But that’s just me.

Also Terranigma. :ark:

Also also the Romancing SaGa games (despite how unlikely that may be). ::doh::

Terranigma at least has a shot since it has a translated version available. But translating an RPG from scratch? Ehhh…

I’d like to see Soulblazer and Illusion of Gaia on there too, actually. We got Actraiser ages ago, what’s the hold up S-E?

It’s been awhile since I checked, but I thought we already got Soul Blazer.

We didn’t get SoulBlazer.
That was somebody’s “wish list” update the week Wiiware launched in the US and there was no VC update.

Yeah, I double checked and it’s not there. :frowning:

And neither is the rest of the quintet trilogy (save for Actraiser), or BoF 1, or the Lufias, or Secret of Evermore, or Secret of the Stars, or the 7th Saga, or Arcana, or E.V.O., or Lord of the Rings, or Paladin’s Quest, or Robotrek, or Shadowrun, or Spike McFang, or Young Merlin, or even Lagoon. Nevermind the ones that I didn’t bother to mention.


Well, Secret of the Stars would probably be download by a grand total of 3 people (I mean, there’s gotta be a couple other people on the planet beside me).
And I hated Lord of the Rings (SNES). Terrible graphics (even for 1994), off-center aiming made combat annoying (though Addams Family Values did worse by relating range to health) and it seemed the only way to heal a dead character was to intentionally game over.
Must of the rest of those I would like to see, though.
The only other Enix game I can think is King Arthur & the Knights of Justice. But that won’t come because it’s a license of an even more obscure cartoon.
I have forgotten if Alcahest is a possibility (was the text required for gameplay?), since it was more of an action game (HAL developed, Square published).

Ah, Secret of the Stars. I wouldn’t mind getting that. That was neato. If stupidly hard after a while.

It would be interesting if they released the Might and Magic games for NES and SNES, though they’re really hard games in general they did used to be really popular (on computers anyway). I wonder if they’d have to update the title screens to reflect Ubisoft owning them now. They were made by New World Computing but ported over by Sammy (makers of guilty gear).

SotS, Arcana, and Lagoon all mentioned in the same post?
We should be friends.

They haven’t produced a new M&M for a long time though and the first ones are quite a bit more old school. I mean, if Eye of the Beholder or Stonekeep were selling like crazy, why not?