FF Dream Team Party

So yeah, if you could put together your favourite characters from any Final Fantasy universe into a slotted party, who would they be? Personally, I’d probably put together the quirky, care-free girls of the FF series; Yuffie, Selphie, Eiko would be main team, while Rikku, Penelo, and Vanille(ffxiii) would be the alternative rescue party. So again, who would you put together? ^^

I would probably choose…Zell, Auron, and Seifer.

Why these, you ask? Well, tactically, it would be a heavy offense team, which is what I usually use. Beating the monsters before they beat me and relying on a character’s natural defense to soak the damage has worked for the FF’s I’ve played. Also, I thought it was really funny the way Seifer and Zell interacted in with each other in 7 and throwing a no-nonsense guy like Auron in there to get irritated by there banter would be a riot for those times when your party members determine the dialogue of a situation. Also, I enjoyed each character’s style when it came to battle (even though Seifer’s is very short lived from your end).

Awesome team! ^^,although I would point out, Seifer & Zell were in FF8, not 7. xD

Oops. You are absoultely right.

[Strike]I’d use all the hot chicks[/Strike] I would use all the weird/funny characters, like Palom and Porom, Umaro and Quina, just to see what chaos results. :moogle:

Sabin. Honestly, that’s all I need for my party. Just Sabin.

…What? THe dude suplexed a motherfucking train. How do you do any better than that?

Hehe… that is very true Val. Sabin did suplex that train… although it was a ‘ghost’ train, so might not have been as heavy as a real one. Hehe… but still impress, few can beat that feat.

As for my team, just give me Balthier, Laguna and Vincent. The long-range gunners (Balthier started out with a gun in XII, so I list him as a gunner), since it is amazing the sort of damage you can dish out to a foe, before they are even close enough to fight back.

On a side note, asn_aishiteru, I do like how you describe those girls as “care-free”, when if you pay attention and look deeper they really aren’t. Sure they may not have the huge problems like some other characters, but they still have their share of problems and concerns, so are hardly care-free.
Well except Penelo… will give you her being pretty care-free.

balthier, lightning and squall/seifer (all the loner characters that try to do their job - two/three of which use gunblades) and Cid(ff7) if its a 4man team. If any threat came along you can be sure they’ll just sweep though and destroy it without any problems or questioning. Cid’s just there for transport and to provide comic relief.

My party would be:

Tank - Cecil (Paladin)
Thief - Locke
Samurai - Sephiroth
White Mage - Aeris
Black Mage - Terra
Summoner - Rydia



Everything will die. :slight_smile: Might also toss Laguna or Cid (FFVII) in there for laughs.

Pretty much this.

Ramza, Orlandu, Alma, Delita, Beowulf

Or 5 generic gods