FF Crystal Chronicles

This isn’t actually for me, since I can’t and probably will never be able to afford the hardware costs for this game. Even if I was actually willing to.

Someone I know requested help about this, so I thought it’d be better If I asked instead of him making an account just for one measly post. Here it is:

For those of you who have played Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, do mages ever become powerful? And by powerful I mean able to do more damage than the warrior.

I happen to play a Yuke Black Mage, and the two people I play the game with are a Clavat Paladin (Fighter/Healer), and a Lilty Warrior. I’ve gone for a magic stat boost every time I beat a level, and I’ve focused entirely on dealing damage. I’ve still got the same strength I started with and almost no hit points. The warrior and paladin, on the other hand, have eight or nine hit points(those little heart things), do half as much damage as me with one of their basic attacks, and four times that much with a focus attack. They can also strike five times with their basic attack in the time it takes me to charge a single spell. Not to mention the Paladin, who’s magic stat is about half mine, has recently decided to use attack spells and is doing almost as much damage as I am. Add to that the fact that we keep running into enemies that the game designers, in yet another astonishingly stupid move, decided to make immune to magic, and I’m getting a little annoyed.

To sum things up, the game seems, like so many others, to be tailored entirely to the warrior and healer classes. So much so, in fact, that playing as a mage isn’t really an option if you want to be an effective character. I’m kinda hoping one of you will tell me that I just missed some sort of magic ring or something that you need to get. I’m a diehard mage, so playing another type of character isn’t an option for me. I’m just a little sick of games where the mage, who is in many cases supposed to be a damage dealer, not only does less damage than nearly every other class, but also has almost no survivability, to compensate for the mages damage dealing powers. And they are lacking anything of the sort. It’s driving me mad.

Please tell me if you can get a meteor ring or some other powerful spell. That way, I can know if I should start some sort of holy war with the people who decided to gimp the mages in nearly every game.

Thank you, and sorry for the rant.

From what I’ve experienced so far, mages aren’t as powerful as melee characters.

i haven’t played too much of FF:cc, yet i think i’ve played enough to say, in this game black magic sucks. the only way you can get magic to do lots of damage i believe, is to have a partner to cast spells togethrer with, so that it gets a combined spell. yet even that isn’t as good as just being able to hack away without charging. Black mages in many games are eventually made useless by warriors, since black magic has limits usually, and though great in the beginning, is outclassed by strong attacks by warriors later.