ff awards most powerful summon/aeon/eadolonn

See… Odin and Gilgamesh deliver one hit kills. But they weren’t exactly summoned. Nay I dunno…

the reason i did’ent add bahamut was because i was going for ultimate summons in the poll. bahamut is never an ultimate summon in any of the games.

except for ff vi

but i havent gotten him yet so i dont know.

also there are only four or five choices to pick at any award show for anything.

which is why i did’ent add all of them. :moogle:

Imp from FF4. PH34R TEH IMP!!!

Dude, Bahamut is an ultimate summon after FF6. maybe not on the level that Eden and KOTR and whatnot are, but he’s still pretty special. As in you may go through great lengths to find him, or he may do uber damage that fits in with the storyline, whatever. Not many summons are featured like that, and when they are, you know they’re in a little sub division of their own.

Currently my Ramuh summon does about as much damage or more than my Bahamut summon in FF9… <_<

In FFX, it was easy for me to get Bahamut to do 99,999 damage. It was easier to do that with the Magus Sisters (ladybug, mantis, and bee ownage).