ff awards most powerful summon/aeon/eadolonn

this i the second award to be giving out at the award show.

personaly i think eden is the strongest. nothing beats a floating satilite beam. :moogle:

In FF8, all of the GF’s could only go up to 9999 couldn’t they…? Which pretty much negate’s Eden’s usefulness, because by that time, the rest of your summons are all on high levels…Eden is really very over rated, plus his animation is way way way too long. I’m not summoning that over and over just to build him up, no way.

Yamamoto. He can summon planes to bomb your harbor, win your money in games of bridge, and take your women with his womanizeing abilities.

I really have no idea what the max damage for Eden is, but it’s above 9999. I may be wrong, since I’ve now been awake for 40+ hours, but I think I’ve hit 30k+ damage with Eden.

But, compared to KOTR, all other summons are crap. Regardless of how cool others are, KOTR is pretty much an instagib summon (especially if you use the HP<->MP materia and quadra it, then the next char mimics, and so on). Maximum ownage.


But those aside, yes Yamamoto is king.

Magus Sisters’ Overdrive.

I think it says ff awards and it should include all ff’s ;_; but then perhaps the voting list would get kinda big.

Tritoch from VI.


Eden can “Break the Damage Limit” and do 5-digit damage. (So can Cactuar but he maxes out at 10,000.)

And as for the poll, what about Bahamut? He’s like the king summon! (Well Leviathan is in FF4 but Bahamut is stronger)

I thought only Cactuar could only do 1,000 damage, hence the name 1,000 Needles.

Cactuar’s attack does 100 damage per level of his. (Although it may round down to the nearest thousand, not sure about that.)

For example, at level 50 it does 5000, at level 90 it does 9000.

Edit: I mean, of course, the Cactuar GF, not the random encounter monster in the desert.

Yea, what the hell - have you only played Final Fantasy VII-X? Because that’s all you ever include in the polls. If it’s a Final Fantasy award show it should include all the games, and if you haven’t played all the games, then you shouldn’t be doing an award show now should you?

Seriously, though, where is Bahamut? In FF3-5 he was the strongest summoned monster. In FF6 he wasn’t that great but none of the summons were super anyway. In FF7 he had THREE different incarnations (Normal, Neo, ZERO), the last of which had a supremely awesome animation. In FF8 he was pretty good, although you get Eden right after him so that takes some of the fun out of him. In FF9 he was this total badass summon who blows everything up (well, some things). And in FF10 he was the strongest normal summon (Anima is stronger though, as are the Sisters).

Plus in FF1 he lets you change class, which is also cool.

Vote Bahamut, King of Dragons, for President in 2004!

I still say Tritoch is more badass.

I say we delete this lying polls and do a new one to include all aeons and bosses!

It really wouldn’t matter. The poll is for the strongest (not the coolest) summon, which is KOTR. I know of no other summon that can regularly do well over 100k damage. The closest I’ve seen is Magus Sisters/Anima from X-2, for 99,999.

Bahamut’s scenes in FFIX were the high-points of the game for me. Those FMVs were just unbelieveably cool.

Remora from FFV. Booya.

what about that one move that the bee looking one of the magus sisters does, where she shoots a buncha stingers out her ass? It does some pretty heinous damage.

As far as I’ve seen, I loved seeing Alexander in FF8.

The best summon, is, of course, me. :stuck_out_tongue:

There needs to be some random bishie summon who runs up and does some stuff… to the enemy your fighting… and then the enemy gets charmed and joins you! BUT THEN WHEN YOUR SUMMON POWER RUNS OUT THE ENEMY IS LIKE “OMG WERE IZ MAH SEKZ” and stabs you, instantly killing you. But you can kill him while he is busy oogling me- I mean, the summon. Yeah. That’s it.