FF 6 Help needed!

Okay, I just talked to Edgar for the first time, and he and Locke are gone, and I’ve powerlevelled.

Now what?

You have to go and talk to one of the people in the castle (I can’t remember exactly who, so just talk to everyone). The person will then tell you the story about Edgar’s borther, Sabin.

If you need anymore help, just ask. OR look on the FF6 Shrine in the SNES section, in the RPGClassics home page.

The thing is, I can’t find the person I’m supposed to talk to. I’ve gone through the entire castle, as far as I know, and have only learned that scholars are silly people and that Figaro Castle is high-tech.

You need to exit the castle on the sides and go to the little tower things that aren’t connected to the castle itself, I’m pretty sure they aren’t connected. You’ll see guys on chocobos.