Few interesting things you'd like to see

Name a few(1-10) interesting things you would like to see right now.

  1. Mechazawa riding a motorcycle. Nah maybe a really intense thunderstorm.

  2. The Five Deez’s album Koolmotor[instrumentals] that i would own in my hands.

  3. “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” book all mine and in my hands.

  4. More Chobits manga or the anime, just read the first volume of the manga.

  5. Ragnarok Online or Guild wars or some other good MMO. ;_;

  6. Batman Begins and Howl’s Moving Castle

  7. A movie and or rpg where the hero or main character is female and she isn’t a brat, bitch, whore, overly vengeful and violent, emotionally and physically weak but not entirely stoic, and isn’t just this guy’s love interest, doesn’t have kids, isn’t a homemaker, etc. If rpg she uses a sword! not some lame whip or bow.

  8. The rest of the episodes of House M.D., i usually miss them, doh.

  1. That I passed MTH 040

  2. A neat stack of $1,000,000,000 on my desk

  3. A proper cup of coffee made in a copper coffee pot

  1. Shooting stars. (not a meteor shower - just a single streak tearing the sky asunder. I saw one once before, and the experience was almost spiritual)
  1. Howl’s moving castle
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  3. The next HP book or movie (must be very good)
  4. Picture of Johnny Depp
  5. A clear night sky not polluted with light
  1. The 7th HP book finishing everything in a good way and not sucking. (Please don’t suck! Please don’t suck!)

  2. Howl’s Moving Castle

  3. The rest of the anime and mangas of Tokyo Mew Mew in my hands

[li] A Congratulations, the World is Yours card.
[/li][li] Catboys.
[/li][li] £1,000,000,000

  1. Catgirls

  2. A perfect FFTA Blue Mage costume IRL.

  3. A work schedule where I have 5 days work and weekends off. (Now it’s 4- 1 off 4- 2 off 4- 1 off…)

  4. Foxfires

  5. A Red Moon

  6. A sports even where Finland would actually win.

  7. Justice to be actually served.

  8. <strike>A raise</strike> (Five minutes afterwards, I realized I got one by having a year of work experience in the same place behind me.)

  9. Batman Begins

  10. How a Red Mage pimp hat would fit me.


…said the Canadian. :stuck_out_tongue:

1)World peace!

2)All animals living a wonderful and natural life

3)A get in free card to all of the most prestigious shopping malls in the world

4)A foot masseuse in my bedroom after every night of work

5)bluemageone in tighty whities :open_mouth:

1 My wife without the blond highlights

2 Ten hot women

3 My car waxed by ten hot women

4 A way out of here, because my wife watched me type this

  1. Every game/console/etc in existence in a giant vault with MY name on it.

  2. $16.23 - “That’s good enough for me!”

  3. Chocolate butternut double icecream cone. Mmm…