Feeeeeeeeear The Hair-cut.....



<3 VGCats

hee hee funny.

shinobi what does <3 mean?

is it like :3 ? :moogle:

It’s, I love. As in a heart.

It’s a double-scoop of ice-cream, silly.

And yes, VGCats is funny as hell. And Canadian, so it’s inherently better than most webcomics ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I see it now. thanks Darkness Beckons. :moogle:


Get cancer, please…

I loved that.

What’s that guy’s alignment? Chaotic stupid?

<3 is a meaningless statement, since they state nothing in comparison to 3.

Duh, if you haven’t figured that out yet…you’ve never heard of my wonderful Pwner VG Cats.

You know Chaotic stupid is a joking reference to D&D, right?

And VGCats = teh win

Poor kenny g. ;_;

Do you have Kenny G. playing in your tube?

hee, funny. ^^

Yes. But, it should be obvious already with all of Leo’s…Leoness.

I think that would have been funnier if I had had any idea who… checks name again Kenny G is.

I’m scary +50?

Seen it already. Still funny though.

Well, Kenny G is a contemporary Jazz musician who puts people either to sleep or in the mood with his soft saxophone playing. I think he puts me to sleep, personally

As for the comic, it’s funny.

I’ve heard the name before, but not the music.

The comic was alright. Not the best, but better then most.

Hehehe, good one! Actually I hadn’t checked vgcats since someone posted a link to that strip with HK-47, but this is pretty funny.