FEDA: The Emblem of Justice

Otherwise known as Kurt Russel: Yiff Adventures.

It is okay. So far, it’s a tactical RPG about a guy and a couple hentai monsters on the run from the military they just deserted. I like the artwork in the battle animations, but other than that the game is kind of lacking in the sprite department.

After each mission you are taken to a screen where you are given a certain amount of XP and shells(the game’s currency), and your emblem changes, or maybe it doesn’t. I haven’t fought enough battles to know the significance of the emblem, or what makes it change.

It wasn’t translated to english officially, so you have to patch it yourself. The patch isn’t hard to find, and it’s easy to do; I’m sure you guys have done it before so…whatever.

Anybody play it? Thoughts?


One thing I am definitely not liking is the battle system. It uses the weird broken up turns thing where you move a character, and you don’t do anything else with that character until you have moved all of your other characters. So, say you have 3 characters, you move one, they move one, and you can’t move that character until you have moved your other 2. It is really annoying.

Google shows rpgc is the premium source for FEDA info.

This place is the premium source for any classic rpg.