Hey, I’m working on my shrine and I’ve advanced a while in the game. I recently recieved a bunch of maps for the game, so I decided to continue making them for my shrine. My only problem is this: when I take a screenshot it leaves a colum of about 16 black pixels to the right of the snap, making it almost impossible to make a map without first editing all the snaps. This is my question: I’m using FCEU SP XD (or something like that), can I fix this? If not, can I transfer my .sav file to another emulator to make this job easier? If so, what would be the best emulator for snap taking? Thanks.

Don’t know about finding an emulator that’ll hide it, but I know that black bars along one or both edges of the screen was a feature of the NES hardware. Mostly to hide graphics corruption that occurs while the screen scrolls (this is noticable in a number of RPGs along the top and bottom though, as I don’t think auto-hiding along the top and bottom was a hardware feature (though many TVs automatically clip the edges).

There’s an option in FCEU to clip columns on both sides, though I don’t know if that affects what comes out in a screenshot.

Yeah, I had tried that, it takes it out while I’m playing, but not from the snap. Thanks anyways.