Favourite RPG Charater(s) of All Time

I wanted to know what characters all you people liked.

I, personally, would say Locke from FF6. Mostly because I could really identify with him more than any other RPG character.

I can’t give you one so here’s my top ten in ascending order.

[li]Morte (Planescape: Torment)
[/li][li]Fei Fong Wong (Xenogears)
[/li][li]Vivi Orunitia (FFIX)
[/li][li]Serge (Chrono Cross)
[/li][li]Ramza Belouve (FFT)
[/li][li]Glenn (Chrono Trigger)
[/li][li]Arche Klaine (Tales of Phantasia)
[/li][li]Zidane Tribal (FFIX)
[/li][li]Crono (Crono Trigger)
[/li][li]Janus “Magus” Zeal (Crono Trigger)

this’ll be a list… note that a few of these aren’t so much for the “character” as for how kick ass they were in battle.

Id (Xenogears)
Magus (Chrono Trigger)
Bastion (Vanguard Bandits)
Cidolfas Orlandu (FFT)
Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin RPG)
Fayt Leingod (Star Ocean 3)
Dias Flac (Star Ocean 2)
Sephiroth (of course)
Auron (FFX)
Cyan (FF6)
Galuf (FFV)
Kain (FF4)
Dekar (Lufia 2)
Ian (Fallout)
The PipBoy (Fallout series)
Sulik (Fallout 2)
Kyle (Lunar SSSC)
Ronfar (Lunar 2 EBC)
Tosh (Arc the Lad 1-3)
Choko (Ard the Lad 1-4)
Rune (Phantasy Star 4)
Nei (Phantasy Star 2)
Catalina Erantzo (Uncharted Waters 2)
Millenia (Grandia 2)
Gadwin (Grandia)
Arche (Tales of Phantasia)
Adol (Ys series)
Kaiser Dragon (Breath of Fire series)
Gabo (Dragon Warrior 7)
Arngrim (Valkyrie Profile)
Stiener (FF9)
Squall (FF8)

“Levitation mage” - Ultima 9.

Now there’s a guy with character. Albeit a character of the wrong species.

[ul]Rikku- FFX/FFX2[/ul]
[ul]Dr. Nefarious- Ratchet & Clank 3 (And pretty much all other robot main characters, but him the most.)[/ul]
[ul]Sora- KH[/ul]
[ul]Ratchet- Ratchet & Clank[/ul]
[ul]Jak- Jak[/ul]
[ul]Pipochi- Ape Escape 2[/ul]

Marle-Chrono Trigger
Shante- Arc the Lad 2
Marsia- Arc the Lad 3
Blue- Breath of Fire series
Nina- Breath of Fire Series
Rydia- FF4
Cecilia- Wild Arms
Lemina- Lunar2
I probably have a few more I can’t think of.

Ronfar - Lunar 2
Lezard Valeth - VP
Duke - Suikoden III

Baofu - Persona 2 (Can’t go wrong with an alcoholic internet forum rumormonger that throws coins as a way of fighting, he’s also very yellow)

[li]Seena - Lufia: The Legend Returns
[/li][li]Genis - Tales of Symphonia
[/li][li]Cloud Strife - FFVII
[/li][li]Vivi - FFIX
[/li][li]Geno - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Hk-47 in KotoR.

Frog(Chrono Trigger)
Marle(Chrono Trigger)
Hein(Langrisser II, Der Langrisser)
Jessica(Langrisser Series, is known as Calais in NA Langrisser[aka Warsong])
Delita Hyral(FFT)
Cidolfas Orlandu(FFT)
Agrias Oaks(FFT)
Lenneth Valkyrie(VP)
I’d list more, but I’d be typing for a while

I remembered some more.
Millenia- Grandia 2
Selan- Lufia 2
Etna- Disgaea
Raine- Tales of Symphonia
Girl- Secret of Mana
Maribel- Dragon Warrior 7

Earthbound- The Dali clock!
FF7-CID! That sneer is so cool.
FF8-Zelly Welly
FF9-Freya. She’s my woman.
FF10-Kimahri. He’s so underrated
Suikoden I-Fu Su Lu
Suikoden II-Lo Wen
Suikoden III-YUBAH
Chrono Trigger- Magus of course.
Chrono Cross-Glenn
Valkyrie Profile- Kashelly ^^
Breath of Fire I- Probably Karn. I’m obsessed with him.
Breath of Fire II- Katt. I want her outfit
Breathe of Fire III- Rei
Star Ocean 2- Ashton!
Star Ocean 3- Albel
Lufia II-Tia. I used to hate her, but now I think Selan is a biatch
Super Mario RPG- Bowser! He’s precious

Is that a leotard or she really isn’t wearing anything from the waist down?

I don’t know, let’s go stare at her picture for awhile and see.

I think that’s just fur.

Magus. - Chrono Trigger

Samus is cool too. My dad got Metroid Prime 2 and my mom was watching him. She keeps calling Samus names based on her morph ball ability. She came up with bitch in the ball and I came up with slut in the sphere.

Favorite RPG Character? I’d have to say… Sherry, from Warsong 2. At her best, she kills enemies by posing at them. :slight_smile:

Alucard, son of Dracula, from Castlevania SOTN.