Favorite Yu Yu Hakusho character

I figured that since I like Yu Yu, why not? :stuck_out_tongue: Choose away.

Hiei, followed closely by Kuwabara

Hiei. He is cool and can kick @$$!

Yeah, Hiei :cool:

it’s by far Hiei

Bah, you all only like Hiei because he’s so angsty.

Me, Kuwabara is the best. Consider the facts:

A. Kuwabara is the only member of the four that’s full-blooded human. TO be able to fight as an equal with them, he has to be pretty damn powerful for a human.

B. He’s so ugly, you can’t help but love him.

C. His strict code of Honor is one of the most highly-kept I’ve seen, even in Knights.

D. His mode of defense doesn’t involve dodging, but just taking all the hits and coming back for more, even after nearly getting his ribs broken.

E. Ya gotta love his sense of love and affection! :slight_smile:

hiei is the sexiest

Good point, Val, but I still say Hiei.

I just have to break the chain and say Kurama, he’s just cool, and his weapon is my favorite. Although, Hiei did use the Darkness Flame thing, and that was awesome.

Hiei, Folled very, very closly by Kurama.
Hiei is very cool.

I voted Yusuke seeing as how he didn’t have any votes. All in all though, Kuwabara’s pretty cool.

I’m new to the series, so which one is the short guy with the black spikey hair? I forget.


how can you forget which ones hiei??

He has that “serious-but-not-in-an-evil-way” attitude.

You have to love how heartless and powerful he is when he reverts back to his original form, Yoko-kurama. And he’s even powerful being a human with a fox spirit.

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Hiei. Why do you THINK I keep a Chibi Hiei in my avatar!? :stuck_out_tongue: