Favorite type of anime

It is hard to have a favorite type, I think I like all “types.” Its the individual anime that realy matters to me. Though I have noticed my anime collection seems a little heavy on romantic comedy and comedy in general.

Only anime I’ve watched that I have actively thorougly disliked are pokemon ripoffs (monster rancher, digimon) and Dragonball Z+ (anything but the original Dragonball, which amused me when I was younger)

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I think his point was to not discuss that subject as much as possible, Maba.

I like anime where everyone is happy and jumping for joy!

Judging from what I’ve seen, I’d say my favorite is the romantic comedy sorts. I’m not a harsh judge of anime, so I’ll give basically anything a try at least once. ^^

usually mech series, especially with themes similar to eva’s.

Usually one with lots of angst! For example, I absolutely love Vampire Princess Miyu. However, the main thing I like in an anime is a great, intricate, detailed plot. The better the plot, the more I enjoy the anime. Same for video games, books, fanfiction, etc. The story is what is most important to me.

My favorite Animes are those that:

-Feature some type of super powers (Magic, Chi powers, whatever). (Giant robots are cool, too, but only if they have unusual designs- Think Mazinger, not Macross. )

-Have very complex stories (that MAKE SENSE.)

-Have good characterization.

-And most important, where the GOOD guys win, without too much tragedy (a few are acceptable.)

So I guess most Teenage Action Animes (like Yu Yu Hakusho) would qualify.

I like anime comedies like Sailor Moon.

Something you have to think about, or something that’s completely badass and sad at the same time.
(Evangelion is an example of the former, Trigun of the latter.)

My favorite kind of anime? let me think

1:I like comedies like Ranma 1/2

2:Animes were there are good characterizations,were you really care for the characters like The Twelve Kingdoms or Rurouni Kenshin(IMO)

3:Complex and/or interesting storylines like Trigun (wich falls on the interesting category)

4:some type of mecha anime,like Tekeman Blade

5:Animes with a fantasy setting,magic,castles tose types of things.

Gundam Wing
Gundam 08th MS Team
Love Hina
InuYasha (for a while, but I wish the series was shorter)
Some others, but thats what comes to mind the most prominently…

Sorcerer Hunters (Bakuratsu Hunters to the Japanese)
Ranma 1/2 (only seen up to the 4th season)
InuYasha (for a while, but I wish the series was shorter)
Cowboy Bebop (and the movie)

Final Fantasy Ultimate (hate, except the dude with Vincent’s design and glasses…)
Dragon Ball Z (holy shit was that series terrible… but I, as a young teen, watched it… alot…)
Yu Yu Hakusho (I think thats the spelling, I could stand it more than DBZ, but still hated it.)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Jesus christ…)
And most other “Collect this to be more cool and have the best somthing; fight with some cool thing you can endorse into a buyable product; never really fight each other even though it makes more sense; this competition is the most important thing EVAR!!!” animes for that matter…

Thats all not in any particular order, except in which I thought of them.

I like REAL men’s robots instead of those sissy gundams you keep talking about. Go Mazinger team (except Great Mazinger, he sucks), Getter team…yeah, even Grandizer, but that’s because you have to take the bad with the good.

Basically, I like the absolute best in its field. Anything below is crap.

I hate Gundam for the most part, especially that G. Gundam ass. I’m dont exactly know what kind of insult you were going for with the “Man’s” type of anime, because I know I’m a man and my taste in Robots doesnt really have much at all to do with it.

Then again, if giant robots were THAT big of a part of my life, I doubt girls would consider me a “Real Man” as you so wonderfully put it.

And dude, that Go Mazinger what ever looked like Astro-Boy robots… Well, with less detail and more of the “OMG A GIANT ROBOT GOOOOOOO!” style that swept Japan in the 60s!!!

That’s because Mazinger Z was the one that started it all, 'f course. Can’t get more 60’s anime than actually getting 60’s anime.

While Mazinkaiser’s pretty much the same when it comes down to it, it’s wonderfully animated, and, apart from the Standard Go Nagai Beach Episode ™, the story flows through wonderfully in 7 episodes.

Shin Getter : Armageddon’s one of the best OAVs (Okay, so a 24 episode OVA might be considered a series, but who cares?) I’ve ever seen, soundtrack kicks mucho ass, and except for the cosmic vagina at the end (which we, after watching it 8 times, STILL don’t know why that happens), the story is great.

Giant Robo : The Night The Earth Stood Still : Best anime ever made. Of course, the design of the characters simply isn’t stellar compared to what everyone’s used to, but the story, the soundtrack, the EVERYTHING, flows together wonderfully.

Cosmic? Vagina?

Well for one thing, yes its odd for a girl , but yes actually love Gundam, seed the other ones, ect, and Trigun, tenchi, inuyasha the usual, yu yu, bla bla you get the point :stuck_out_tongue: :kissy:

ps. what the hell are you talkin about Sephiroth?? :hint:

Yeah, it’s a rift through time and space that looks exactly like a vagina. So we dubbed it the cosmic vagina. Original? No.

oh, watever…

That is very odd that you would link that to a vagina, especially when most fanboys don’t have any experience in that area of the female body. :stuck_out_tongue:

((Sorry. I had to take a jab.))