Favorite type of anime

I’ve already asked what your favorite anime is so I thougt that I’d ask what your favorite type of anime is. I mean like fighting, something similer to Poke’mon, adventure, demons, hentia etc. I don’t know all the types but my favorite types are adventure kinda like Inuyasha or Wolf’s Rain, Demonic and hentai.

Wolf’s rain and Inuyasha are not hentai, though theres probably hentai for them. My favorite is comedic, hentai >_>, and ones with good story and detailed characters.

I didn’t say they were hentai. I said I like adventure types like Wolf’s Rain and Inuyasha. I also like anime with demons. And another favorite is hentai.

Anything with catgirls gets a bonus point… minus Escaflowne.

I tend to dig Romantic Comedies a lot, ditto with Absolute PArodies… and Fantasy goes down pretty fine too.

HENTAI XD~~ But only the tasteful ones.

Probably something robot and war related.

But not Gundam.

Hentai. >>;

Chaos. I love chaos (which usually goes along with comedy). So things varying from FLCL and Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu to certain parts of Love Hina (I found the manga to be delightfully more hectic than the anime).

Second, fantasy/sci-fi mixes. Thinks like Scrapped Princess, Star Ocean Ex, and Escaflowne.

…the only things I don’t watch are soulless pieces of crap like Sister Princess. God, that was a bad show. Also, I don’t really watch hentai. Nothing against it really, I just don’t have a any.

Anything with mecha. Samurai are another biggy of mine. Hentai is good, so long as it ain’t that tentacle shit.

MMMM :slight_smile: anime, I love Hentai. I use to like pokemon a lot, but never see it anymore. I love Wolf rain, Outlaw star, cowboy beebop and comedies like Sailor moon, FLCL, trigun. I don’t have a particularly favorite Hentai cause I bounce around the Manga and clips I find. Inuyasha is addicting for some odd reason but people that RP it like my anime fanatic friend who claims she’s inuyasha. That always spoils good anime for me…

Crazy Gainax Kind.
And Boogiepop Phantom Kind.

:ulty: nobody loves me ;_;

Call this an unfair generalisation, but all hentai lovers are invariably losers.

Crazy Animes (FLCL, Excel Saga)
Nice Storylines (X, Scrapped Princess)
Cool Characters (Naruto)
Mecha (Gundam Seed)

Why are all hentai lovers loosers? Because it’s a cartoon? Someone once said that people more than likely like hentai because it’s a world in which anything can happen. I agree. Would you call people who watch alot of non-animated porn loosers? I watch both.

I’d post a good link for discussing this sort of thing, but I’d probably get banned.

It’s all good! If I had to choose, I’d say comedy and fighting are my favorites.

Any thing funny is good with me but .hack legend of the twighlight is also one of my favorites for action.

Anything that makes me comfortable watching it <i>and</i> is really awesomely well done in plot and animation and stuff. I dunno, it’s hard to explain.

Anime that fit into the “comfortable” category only:
Dragonball Z
Tales of Eternia
Star Ocean Ex

Anime that fit into the “awesome” category but not the other one:
Gundam Wing
Excel Saga
Read or Die

Anime that fit into both categories:
Scrapped Princess
Chrno Crusade
Love Hina

I dunno, I guess I have a liking for romantic/adventurous stories or something. Heh.

Any, so long as it’s well-pulled off, or has enough memorable moments to balance out crappy parts.

My favourite type of anime… Naruto-type.