Favorite Trading Card Game?

What is it? Just curious. I’d say Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Magic > you.

Magic’s been around, what, over 10 years, and has gone through, umm, something like over a dozen different editions. It’s decent, as collecting cards go.

As it stands right now, there are 50 different starter/expert sets out for Magic. I don’t play Magic anymore, but I do follow it and play it on-line. Free and I can test out whatever the hell I want.

M:tG was fun as long as it lasted, but I wouldn’t mind playing a few matches of Pokémon, if I had my cards…

I hate M;TG, simply because I found someone’s card binder in a grocery store parking lot, and that mofo had 2 Black Lotus cards ($300 cards, but I didn’t know), and I gave 'em away…gah.

None of the above. I like Culdcept.

*shows off several badges and giant first prize cards from pokemon tcg league
I’m sorry, really like pokemon tcg. much better than yu-gi-oh. yu-gi-oh must burn in my opinion, too much like rarest card wins and simple adding-subtracting. I also like lotr though I don’t play too much of late.

Pokemon and Magic.

Steve taught me how to play M:tG (Go Steve!) but I have to say when I played it a few years ago I found Pokemon more readily accessible (I still have like a ton of rare shinies).

I agree with Lugia that YGO must die. Not only is the game crappy (I managed to start winning in the GBA games without even knowing what the fuck I was doing) but they mauled the pretty damned decent manga.

Also the fact that there’s something about Eevee. He’s so cute. =^.^=


MTG >>;;

Gonna sell all my cards sometime for about $200 or so (hopefully >>)

Overpower (Marvel / DC). Only CCG I ever played. Won the Canadian Nationals in 1997. Placed 10th in the US Nationals. Now retired from the sport.