Favorite game to play with friends

I always liked playing Legend of Mana with another person. I don’t know why but LoM is more fun to play than Secret of Mana when playing multiplayer and SoM is generally a better game.

Some other fun ones are Soul Caliber 2 and Super Smash Bros. Melee

My Favorite games to play with friends are Soul Calibur, Chess, and Dungeons & Dragons.

My Favorite Drinking games are Asshole, and a variation of chess that is a drinking game

Spin the bottle and DDR.

I like playing russian roulete, drinking style. Except with viagra instead of poison.

Tales of Symphonia

I forgot Tales of ymphonia the only problem with that game is that the camera focuses on the person in the first slot so other people may have issues fighting.

Super Ninja Boy, Kirby Super Star and Metal Warriors. Great for 2-Player action!

Super Smash Brothers Melee and any of the Mario Party games.

You’re all such nerds, except Shin. He rocks.

Well, um, what did you expect. This IS an RPG forum.

The games we play all involve my pants.


Seconded, along with any Mario Kart and Perfect Dark.

I’d say almost any RPG, and Fatal Frame, cause I like getting scared with other people…

Nothing beats 12-player Halo, except maybe 16-player Halo. Smash Brothers is loads of fun, too.

I would say TimeSplitters 1/2. Those are always fun to play with friends.

'Splitters 2, especially team Capture the Bag :stuck_out_tongue:

I like playing Mario Kart Double Dash. That game just rocks so damn much.

And… uhm… Kart Fighter (NES) is cool.

I like Guilty Gear XX, it’s nice to crush his friends :slight_smile:

although they think it isn’t funny :frowning:

BUT I HAVE FUN !!! :slight_smile:

Drinking games
Crazy Mushroom, Slammer.

Soul Calibur Two.
Smash Melee.
Mario Golf.

Board Games
Trivial Pursuit

Card Games
Munchkin & Variations.

Battering my mates 550-200 at scrabble is always fun X-)

as is a copy of Quake 3 for the dreamcast, 4 controllers, 3 mates, 2 pizzas and 24 cans of stella. Magic! :smiley: