Favorite Fire Emblem game

What is your favorite FE game?? I just played FE 6 less than I’ve played FE 7 and I fell in love with it. Instant favorite. But that’s just me. What are your favorite('s)??

Could you tell me more about the FE games? Like, what they’re about, what system their for, are they any good, what kind of battle system…stuff like that. I need something to do in my little apartment.

Well if you want you can download Emulators and ROM’s of the games and see the amazement yourself. The gameplay is basic Strategy/ Tactical RPG based with little twist’s. The storyline is like Final Fantasy. Different stories, Different characters, etc. for every FE game. So I can’t really fill you in on there, Buddy… But in FE1 and FE3 have the same character, Marth, Who you may know from Super Smash Bro’s: Melee. But Im not sure if he’s in FE2…

The storyline is so not final fantasy. It’s typical political stuff ina strategy rpg

Now I don’t see how everyone at these boards played alll the fire emblem games. I only played Fire Emblem on game boy advance, the one in america. It took me forever to beat it because of that horrible character death system. I think it’s incredibly stupid they didn’t call it fire emblem 6 (or whatever it’s SUPPOSED to be called). This is the kind of crap they did back in “Final Fantasy 2” days

If you re-read my post I said the game is like FF. Every game has a different storyline, characters, and such…


But Fire Emblem Blazing Sword is the prequel to Fuuin no Tsurugi

And the two kids in Sacred Stones look a lot like Ninian and Nils

And for the record…

People <I>can</I> download ROM’s of the game <I>and</I> FE6 was never released in america. If so then there would be truck full’s of download’s like FF3 in american translation…

Sacred Stones.

Meh. Sacred stones was good but I found Fire Emblem 7 and 6 better…

i noticed that too. didn’t stop it from being my favorite one. i really like the ay you can have different classes instead of just one.

Rangers Rule!

“i really like the ay you can have different classes instead of just one.”

Does that give you an oppurtunity to mess up your characters?

Or does that make it easier?

Sometimes, I wonder if character customization makes the game any harder or easier. Becuase you usually can mess up with that

which fire emblem i was playing? i was playing at my friend house using the gba emulator.

Could someone post names/system in order of release please??
And if anyone has any links that could be… helpful in letting me ‘further understand’ the game, it would be nicely too!


it’s not exactly customization. each class will have it’s own strengths and weaknesses that you’ll have to play to depending on which class you choose. summoners are about my favorite class. right next to rangers. anyhoo, you can’t really “mess up” your characters without trying.

I’ve only played the two US releases on GBA.

Which numbers are those?

What do you mean? Like, you suggest taking a risk?

Do you think character customization makes a gamer harder, or easier?

Character customization makes me hard.

Listen. I like to discuss aspects of rpgs and the mechanisms they use sometimes. I also brought up in the Radiata Stories thread if hidden secrets actually make the game harder or easier

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Leave it there Basara, ’ starting to sound a bit pissed…
What are the games though?
(1 - ?
2 - ?)


sorry bout the next post double post. i’m workin on a slow computer at the moment. somehow it screwed something up.