Favorite Final Fantasy Moment

If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game, you’ll know that each game has it’s own scenes that hit you in some way, whether you think it’s awesome or sweet or funny or whatever. So here’s a poll on what your favorite FF moment is! I’m really sorry if I forgot any, but I can’t include every single scene from every game.

EDIT: I completely forgot about the lake scene in FFX with Tidus and Yuna! Sorry.

FF4: Cecil’s Paladin-becoming scene.

FF4: When Palim and Porom (sp?) died, until I saw they were BROUGHT BACK TO LIIIIIFE!

FF7: The FMV where the Weapons awoke. Looks considerably less impressive today, but when I first saw it; whoa.

FF8: Squall jumping from the President’s podium and landing on a guard. Most of the FMV in that game, actually. Same reason as above.

FF9: Any scene that had Bahamut in it. I have a new respect for that Dragon King.

FFX: The ending scene, and the scene at the lake in Macalania.

FFX-2 didn’t really strike me as having any memorable scenes. :\

Nothing can beat Spoony Bard.

Lake scene in FFX. That game just got you attached to them IMO.

Final Fantasy 7 was the second RPG I ever played, so when Yuffie stole all of my Materia it was hard having to get them back. At least for me it was hard, mainly because of my lack of RPG experience and knowledge.

Mr. Thou, Mr. Thou :hahaha; or Spoony bard. Cecil becoming a paladin was nice too. I so hate Yuffie for that and got lost trying to find Wutai, that the place right?

How Yuffie nicking all the materia can be on a “favourites” list is beyond me. More like a “time to boot the console” list :-/

My fave? Auron in Luca in FFX. That scene was pretty much perfect. But from the above… I’d have to say the Squall/Seifer duel from FFVIII. Mainly because I’m a huge fan of Seifer, probably the most under-utilised character in FF history. :frowning:

Well, if you’re a Yuffie fan you might like it. It is one of her greatest moments.

You Spoony Bard.

Oh the spoilers!!

Ah who cares.

Blitzball scene from FFX. Then any scene with Sin in it.

I’d have to vote for You’re Not Alone, but damn you to hell for leaving out Gilgamesh’s farewell from FFV!

Definately Squall vs Seifer.

I enjoyed in ff 4 when at the Tower of Babylon all the people you had met in your adventures came and helped you in tanks and airships. Or when they helped you in the final boss fight. But then again Fighting Kefka was pretty awesome. There are so many to choose from!!!

I have to go with the duel between Squall and Seifer. You just can’t beat a duel like to kick off a game.

I can only put 15 choices in the poll, I would have put more in if I could. But probably not that one, since I haven’t played FFV yet(but I will, as soon as I finish 6) I would have put in Cecil’s paladin scene. And the Spring from FFX. (I forgot about them when I was making the poll) You guys can vote for them in your posts, I’ll keep track of them myself and every once in a while I’ll tell you where they stand. This starts now, post again if you want to vote for one that’s not on the list.

Alexander vs. Bahamut. Didn’t last long, but it was cool.

When Sephiroth kills Aeris. I’m one of those people who really don’t like Aeries, so I was glad to be rid of her.

I’ve gotta say when Bahamut fought Alexander.

FFX’s ending is one of the most powerful scenes in a video game to this day.