Favorite Ending?...

Whats Your Favorite Ending And Why?

Mine Would Be Cowboy Bebop. It Was Just So, Unexpected…

Dragon Half :slight_smile:

walks away singing
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pappara huri huri

Mahoromatic season II, or Magic Knight Rayearth season 1.


Badass. They skipped ahead into the future and that kid had become a battle-android hunter, part machine himself.


The revelation of the magic knight’s true purpose and the love between Zagato and Emeraude is a classic twist in my mind. Plus, the knights got sent back to the real world without tying up all their loose ends. It’s always refreshing to see an ending that is satisfying but not completely final.

Yeah Duo, I also liked the Cowboy Bebop ending, I never really expected it, but I do think it is a very fitting ending to the whole anime. Considering how he acted, and how Viscous said that he was the only one who could end it for him, and it turned out to be true!

Saint Seiya (to be released), Shurato & Berserk.

Yeah, Cowboy Bebop by far…

I liked End of Evangelion.

Hellsing’s ending sucked… that’s about the only part of it that did :stuck_out_tongue:
I liked Cowboy Bebop’s, but FLCL’s ending was good ^.~
I wish they’d make more FLCL ;.;

I liked the Cowboy Bebop ending best as well. It was such a nice change from the typical happy endings. And I thought Spikes’ last word was great.



I sort of liked Boogiepop Phantom’s ending; not that I can recall it very well.

Photon’s ending was one of my favorites, it was hilarious!:slight_smile:

Ah! my godness

Generator Gawl ending was nice, I also liked GTO ending (tho i wished for more eps)

Slayers: Next

I loved it when Gourry and Lina kissed, but I hated it when they couldn’t remember it. I also liked when Zangalus and Martina got married, the original Vrummeagan was in the crowd.

Cowboy bebop. Abslotuely.