Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works Movie

So, the BD is finally out.

Goddamnit DEEN. God damn it.

Ok, so trying to cram a novel larger than Order of the Phoenix into an hour and forty five minutes was kind of a suicidal project to start with, I understand that. The majority of the atmosphere and value of Nasu’s writing, particularly during combat scenes, is in the narration, which makes it very hard to represent graphically and thus many scenes would lose impact (Caster getting FALCON PUNCH’d for instance). I understand that too. I knew this was likely to end being a disjointed, horribly paced collection of scenes meant to be fanservice for the fans and otherwise unintelligible for anyone who didn’t read the novel, and I would have been perfectly fine with that, but SON OF A BITCH, you could have spent a bit more time on the climax scenes.

In the novel, there are several minutes worth of narration in between Shirou falling to his knees against Archer and when he gets up. This isn’t clutter, that part was absolutely vital, it’s pretty much the whole point of the guy’s characterization. That introspective could have easily been done there by having him think to himself in between visions. But no, he gets up immediately and the entire psychological struggle gets dropped in favour of “He screamed harder and won”. Alright, that’s how the battle probably looked from Saber’s perspective since she didn’t know what either was thinking, but the fact is that the entire narrative value behind the whole thing was lost.

Still, that was still passable, Vs Gilgamesh was a goddamn travesty. The whole damned reason Shirou won that fight is skipped in favour of… oh, hey, “he screamed harder and won” again. And somehow, Emiya was not playing during that fight.

But most of all, Shirou has no character. UBW was awesome precisely because it focused on Shirou, an extremely atypical, psychologically convoluted and very badass dude. Movie Shirou is a dude who swings swords really hard. Fuck you, DEEN. TWO SCENES. That’s all this movie needed to work, TWO SCENES done right. You somehow fucked that up.

Overall, it’s pretty, and “okay” if you want to waste two hours watching coloured sparks flying to the sound of clashing metal, but it could have been SO MUCH MORE if they had just done that right. This is the same studio that managed to miss the one vital scene in the Fate anime, so I’m guessing I should not be surprised.

People die if they are killed.

I will reserve my judgment until I watch it, which may be sometime during this week (gotta watch the profesor Layton movie first),what you say doesn’t really motivate me to watch it but o well.

What scene might you be referring to in Fate?

Church basement, when Shirou rejects Kotomine’s offer to give him the Grail, leading to Saber reevaluating what she knew of Shirou and eventually giving up her own search. In the anime, Shirou just says “no”… and never explains why. The “why” was kind of the entire point there, exactly what gets Saber to change her views. It was essentially the most important characterization point in the story.

Ohhhhh good to know I really never saw the anime so I was just a little curious on what scene it was,saw most of Tsukihime and that kinda killed all my reasons to watch Fate.

Yeahhhh, the Tsukihime anime is on an entirely new level when it comes to being a horrible adaptation. It is easily the worst I’ve evr seen by far. The Fate anime is not that bad actually, they just fucked up the most important scene.

Though frankly, Shirou Vs Gil in the movie is kinda comparable to Shiki Vs Nrvnqsr in the Tsuki anime. They have a bigger budget in the movie, but it sure as hell did not go into that scene. Shirou just swings his sword and wins for no reason, it’s retarded.

In all cases, book > movie, especially when it’s a visual novel cause those things are long and choose-your-own-adventureish. Movies are a terrible medium for retelling a complex story.

I just watched it. Besides what you already mentioned, I also have some boeuf with a couple of scenes: SPOILERS!

The scene in which we had Saber getting mad at Shirou for his self-sacrificial attitude after he takes a swing from Berserker; in the movie this entire event never even happened and Saber is never upset at Shirou for anything, leading us to kind of wonder why she even cares enough about Shirou to protect him even after she contracts with Tohsaka. She certainly didn’t appear to care enough to even get mad at him. This was skipped in favour of the whole “hurr durr let’s get mad at Archer he was trying to get rid of both of us” OK YOU THINK HE’S A JERK WE GET IT.

Saber is just extremely underdeveloped the entire movie. We don’t even find out her identity as Arthuria! If you just assume everyone already read the novel then why bother giving us LOL MEDIA KILLED HER BROTHER BTW CASTER THAT’S YOU and ARCHER YOU ARE THE EMIYA SHIROU :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: and yet nothing with Saber?

This is kind of a time constraint issue but a main character dying once every 4 minutes in the last half kind of takes away from each scene in which it happens. Also the entire first 20% of the novel happening in like 20 seconds of disjointed scenes didn’t help either.

Apparently the sword of promised victory sucks ass cause Saber only used it once and it was on giant cancer blob. There was no Saber/Gilgamesh confrontation at all. They might as well have been awkward strangers who met on a train. Gilgamesh and Shirou have no history. Why are they fighting? The whole point of Shirou even being there was to buy time while Saber got her shit together and to hand Caliburn back to Saber. This didn’t even happen.

If they were going to have Saber disappear and give Rin and Shirou a relationship then at least have her go to magus academy or whatever (I don’t know if this was just implied but they never mention it) and have more than just a “tee hee i’m smiling at you” scene at the end.

Even though UBW is about Shirou, Saber is still a goddamned main character. Don’t give her three random fighting scenes plus a wedding-lingerie fanservice scene and call it a day.

That said it is still a wonderful piece of eye candy and I was getting chills at all the epic fight scenes.