Fate Saty Night

I came across this a little bit ago. I thought it was just plain awsome. HAs anyone else seen it? I highly recomend it.

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Also, the book is better, as always

I just finished the visual novel and it is epic!!! If you liked the anime and can get your hands on the visual novel, I highly recommend it.

Pretty much. Comparatively the Fate/stay night anime adapted the Fate route infinitely better than the Tsukihime anime did with Arcueid’s, but it still made a few blunders here and there, lacked some strength in key points, and inexplicably messed up the one scene that served as climax to the main characters’ development.

And in any case the UBW route is so much better it’s not even funny.

I wanted to get the novel but i couldnt at the time…

If you want to watch the visual novel, this links to the prologue on youtube:

The novel covers 3 days of normal life before anything happens so it does start slow, but it gets really epic if you stay with it.

Man-face Arcueid is man-faced :<

The faces I could let slide. The almost complete reversal of Shiki’s character was more jarring. The pointless amusement park episode when they clearly didn’t have even remotely enough time to cram the relevant stuff was pushing it. The absence of the actual 17 cut scene was stupid.

But the Nrvnqsr fight just blows my mind whenever someone brings it up. For the love of God how the hell could they fuck that up so damn much? That sort of shit has to count as some sort of criminal offense.

Round one! Ding ding ding ding ding! And Nrvnqsr goes down in one punch! It’s a KO folks! Come back next year when we get an animation budget of more than forty dollars and six packs of instant noodles!

Shiki being a wimpy asshole instead of a wimpy nice guy might have contributed to the main problem I had with the anime, which was that <i>everything</i> was so damn awkward! Half the conversation scenes were just people sitting in silence.

I once tried to explain why I hated that scene so much to someone who had only watched F/SN anime. It came out sort of like this:

“First, imagine that Berserker doesn’t have God Hand. Then imagine that he isn’t really Herakles, just some big fast strong dude. Okay, so not that fast… and not too strong either, actually. Not legendary hero strong, just… pro-wrestler strong. That’s about the same level of nerfing involved. Forget about the fight versus Archer, none of that happened. Then imagine that during the fight in the forest, Saber… I dunno, trips on a twig and falls on her face, or maybe gets swatted off with a backhand slap, whatever. Rin isn’t there at all. You following this? Got the image? Well, for the finisher, remember those totally useless arrows Shirou made? He kills Berserker with one of those. In one hit. Yeah, he just fires and kills him. And then the scene ends.”

It horrifies me how goddamn accurate this is in retrospect.

And yeah, when you consider that the story is told entirely from Shiki’s narration, you’d think it’d be kind of obvious that making him silent and unresponsive would not exactly work for the better. You even forget why the fuck he’s even involved in all that to begin with, since he never even shows the assassin side at all nor seems to give a rat’s ass about anything.

They wanted the atmosphere to be dark and gothic D:

Well they got it

They also got a shitty anime in which none of the characters were right. Arcueid is supposed to be footloose and fancy free, but she’s just depressing. Shiki is supposed to be all mysterious and White Knight, but he’s just depressing. I don’t even remember if Ciel, Satsuki, Kohaku and Hisui (all otherwise important characters) being in the anime was my imagination, they got so few lines. But they were probably depressing.

I didn’t really get the gothic part, just the slow, tedious there-is-something-going-on-but-our-budget-is-too-low-to-show-you part.

Maybe after the game’s remake comes out (Whenever THAT is), there’ll be some interest in an anime remake using Rakkyo’s style.

Meh. Right now, I can’t wait for the PS2 port of Actress Again. I hope Mirror Moon picks it up, the story this time sounds really cool. Also, Ryougi is somehow in it.

Quest Ideas

I've started up a new D&D campaign with my friends and I was wondering if anyone had some quest ideas that they'd like to throw out. This could be a great place for EVERYONE to benifit from ideas on party related quests.

Heres the first one I have them going on:

An old mansion that has been abandoned for about 90 years since its last owner died has been causing some pesants to get nervous. At night, they claim to see lights in the second floor windows and hear ghastly sounds and clanging metal coming from within. The mayor's office had declaired the mansion off limits nearly 25 years ago, but somthing is indeed inside. The Sheriff's office has recieved several requests for the militia to inspect the noises and help ease the minds of the townsfolk. However, the pirate raids on the outlying cities have dwindled the forces for such a task. The Sheriff is willing to pay 200 gold per adventurer who would be willing to inspect and bring back some evidence as to the cause of the disturbances.

Signs that describe the situation are posted throughout the city but since the townfolk have been talking of missing livestock and undead activity, few locals would dare take on this mission.