Are you a chatter, are you a opper?
Have you ever feel what is the ban of asshole?
Do you know that the cost of the chat on RPGClassics only till 1-1-2006 is 233.510.455.921 Dollars ?
Do you know that 60% of the staffers voted against the move of chat ?
where is the so-called oligarchy?
The answer is clear: the only beneficiaries are the merchants of the agora like merlyn , sinstral and siphirtoh kitana and … and……
Because regarding them
boards= money, Chat= nothing
we pay nothing and pay our oppers lifes to 984’s chat
?At the end i say to you:
To all chatters and oppers of the chat let us stop this dirty board killing our members and say NO to zero and his agora
join us in this group

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