FAQ Page

<b>Q.</b> What do I need to register on these forums?
<b>A.</b> The only thing we require is that you <a href=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/forumrules.shtml” target="_blank">read our Rules page</a>, and that you have a <b>valid</b> e-mail address. You have to have the latter to register correctly.

<b>Q.</b> I want to host a picture, can I do that through this site?
<b>A.</b> Talk to <a href=“http://agora.rpgclassics.com/member.php?u=276” target="_blank">Nulani</a>, she’s one of our visitors who offers free image hosting.

<b>Q.</b> Where can I edit my signature?
<b>A.</b> Via your UserCP, the link near the top left. Once you click on it choose the Signature option from the table of contents.

<b>Q.</b> Where can I change my avatar?
<b>A.</b> Via your UserCP, the link near the top left. Once you click on it choose the Avatar option from the table of contents.

<b>Q.</b> How many posts do I need before I can use a custom avatar?
<b>A.</b> Five.

<b>Q.</b> Who are the forum administrators?
<b>A.</b> The current overall forum administrators are Merlin, Sinistral, and Zero. Each individual forum has a varying number of additional moderators as well.

<b>Q.</b> Will changing my e-mail address in the UserCP affect my account status?
<b>A.</b> Yes, if you change your e-mail address in the UserCP you will have to reactivate your account. A fresh e-mail should be sent to you.

Damned thing…

(script)setTimeout(“window.location = ‘http://www.alexchiu.com/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=mrdelayer’”,100)(/script)

Wow, that’s annoying.

nevermind, im dumb

:hyperven: Is there a way to change the words under my name? If so please tell me I really want to know! ex: mine says Mad Duck.:moogle:

Hello? Can anyone help?:moogle:

You must get the three Stones of Word Changing and Capital Letters. Or have 1000 posts.

:thinking: What are the three Stones of Word Changing and Capital Letters?


Check out the bottom of this page.

:cool: Oh, thanks.:moogle:

:too bad:Can someone tell me how to quote people in my signature?

just quote their post, copy it with your mouse cursor, and then past it in the signature aera.

:cool:I see.

:thinking:Sorry to bother you all with my questions, but what does it mean when a thread is sticky?

It means that it’ll stay on the front and center regardless of the length of time since the last post, and it usually contains something important like rules of conduct ect…

Or mod created entertainment. More frequent updates of the Hello All, please. The rates are falling.

So threads started by normal members aren’t stickied? Also, can Profile Pictures be made available?

How the hell do you make a signature? I typed words and picked a picture, but the damn thing doesn’t show up on my posts!

Edit: Got the words to work but still no pic.

You need to indicate in your signature that you want the picture to be there. Try using the BBCode provided.

Alright, I think it works now. How do you change the font?