Fantastic Four II movie trailer

Looks pretty good. One of the criticisms of the first movie was that it was not, well, FANTASTIC enough. (And Dr. Doom got reduced to a mutated businessman.) At the least the FX look better this time. (Note: yes, the Silver Surfer can pass thru solid matter in the comics, though he rarely does so. I’ve never seen him pass thru his own board, but cool visual anyway!)

Note also that the wedding of Reed and Sue didn’t happen when Galactus and the Surfer arrived on Earth; nor was Doom involved either (as I hear he will be). But as long as the movie’s good, I don’t care.

Agreed. I’ve never read the Surfer series. I’ve only known him when he was the Herald of Galactus where he would just shoot energy into space and then Galactus would come.

Jessica Alba in a 2 piece for the win. Wait. Wrong movie.

I hope this is better than the first one.

Damn lots of marvel comics coming out next year.

Hey did you guys know that Superman Returns used the original music from the old series?

I also heard there was going to be a second Daredevil movie, and a second Hulk, any truth to that?

I know some people who were an extra in this movie, seeing as how some was filmed where I live. I might see it because of that. X-Men 3 was neat for the same reason.

I dunno about a second Daredevil, but yes, there WILL be a Hulk II, and I hear it’s going to be a remake. I guess Marvel wasn’t happy with the first version. Also confirmed to be in production: Iron Man and Wolverine.

I knew about Wolverine. Iron Man might be cool.

The Silver Surfer looks impressive. And quite strong too.

I wonder if Galactus is going to show his face in this one, or whether they are going to save him for a possible third film.

And I can’t wait to see what they do with Iron Man, although I’m not looking forward that much to the Wolverine one.

Well you know where there’s the surfer there’s Galactus right behind him ready to b!#(h slap the planet. I can’t wait for Ghost Rider in Febuary. There’s also going to be a Dr. Strange movie too.

Dr. Stange should be pretty cool. I can’t say I’m looking forward to Ghostrider at all. Nick Cage, what the fuck?

The 984 demands a Green Lantern movie with Hal Jordan.

Would a Live Action TV series (with Jordan as a supporting character- Steward would be the star) work for you? Still a rumor, mind you, but it seems they’re casting it already:

(see the “Ring Round” article near the bottom)

No opinion from me yet. I love Green Lantern but I’ve seen the series forked up over the years, I’ll have to see the actual TV show to decide.

No. It would not suit me. Jordan is the only true Green Lantern.