failing at life

Well then laughing at other people doing what they want is good for us, then.

If you want to be asses :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you guys, that’s me and 'sycho in the picture he posted at some anime con. Shira and Manji from “Blade of the Immortal”.

I bet some people are happy killing kittens too, but we don’t condone that.

Cless: Actually, we do. There is no law against drowning kittens, as long as they’re YOUR kittens. Sickening? Yes, but legal. :frowning:

GAP: Oh, right, I forgot that “60 Minutes” news special showing how society at large is suffering so much because of Cosplayers.

Life is about PERSONAL happiness, not about what the majority thinks is right. That is exactly what is wrong with society these days. (Mind you, at least we don’t lynch people for not being Christians or the like anymore.)

Life is about producing offspring to ensure the survival of the species.

Therefore, these people fail at life.

Isn’t it ironic how you’re speaking about your own fate, TD?

Rape is still producing offspring.

… Well, seeing your sig, raping males won’t. Now, if you were like Stallion…

Yeah now we lynch people for the fun of it.

:moogle: Wasn’t that a qoute from metal gear solid?

Those people make me laugh. It would help you a lot if you acutally looked some what like the character you are going to be. I dont think vegeta is almost 300lbs, lol. Now there are some people who almost look like the person they are cosplaying, like this guy who almost looks like spike from cowboy Beebop.

Then you got people like this one here from dark stalker(SP), it doesnt matter if the actual character is a different color, if its a hot asian babe in tight clothing…THATS JUST PLAIN HOT!!!

Then you got the over weight people who like anime, then think they are showing how devoted they are to it, when really they are killing it. These are the type of people who need to just got in normal clothing so they dont make a fool of themseleves.

Lilith HAS those colours. You’re thinking of Morrigan.

Ya, well, you get the idea though, you see a person who is not the same color as the people they are cosplaying. Its a bit annoying, but when you are really off, that kinda just makes people mad.

When searching for cosplayers did you somehow manage to NOT stumble onto Rikku?

dude ur hot. Anymore pix???

…wtf?Mind you this a forum not an online dating service :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I think the whole idea of consplaying is waste of time.You look like an idiot, people judge you as one and at the end you pretty much are.Atleast thats how things are down here.But hey, if they get such an enjoyment out of it, then by all means :smiley:

not a dating service? am i in the wrong place:(? in all seriousness though, i agree. they can cosplay if they want. they look like morons while having fun, and i get to laugh at them looking like idiots. in the end, everyone gets what they want!

I don’t see what the big deal its anyway. It’s just like Halloween.

just like halloween? as far as i can tell, halloween comes once a year and you get candy for humiliating yourself. these people are doing it more than once a year, and they do it for free. the ones who can actually manage to look the character and look good, i have no prblem with. but it is fun to mock those who suck at it.

You take yourself a little too seriously dude.