DW crossed with DBZ? Who’s idea was this??


Sounds like Akira Toryiama is up to no good.

Drops the spoon back into the bowl of cheerios and starts crying

I couldn’t see the pictures(because for some reason my comp wouldn’t show them(must be the 16 bit res I use for my old-school emulation), but I saw it coming,considering that Akira Toriyama does the art for both DQ and DB/DBZ/DBGT(if you do watch the latter, make sure it’s Japanese with subtitles. The NA versions are not only dubbed, but also edited for kids)

I don’t see what’s so bad about it…

It’s just a bit diffrent from using the “Accumulate” Squire skill from FFT.

And now, for real weirdness.

I’m sure many of you are fans of Mario Party.

Square-Enix came up with this. Yep, it’s basically the FF and DQ universes melded in one package, where DQ and FF chars get to play a bunch of mini games vs each other. Looks pretty good.

Edit: Article found here. My apologies to those who don’t understand a lick of french, btw.

Doesn’t look like to big of a deal, I mean, you can’t have the same battle system for 7 games in a row and not change much

okay, i know they changed some things, but they have to add something else to the battle system to keep it kinda fresh

When I become a rich and famous video game developer, I’m gonna force Akira Toriyama to make a game called “Dragon Trigger.” Or no, wait, uh, “Chrono Quest” which will be called “Chrono Warrior” in America. It’ll be a parody of just about everything he’s involved with. And the sequel will be “Chrono Warrior/Quest Z.” Oh, and in that FFDQ thing, Cloud looks like he’s saying, “Why am I doing this??”

that looks awesome