Add table backgrounds (use class=info)
Center all the tables
Don’t make tables 100% width unless necessary
If all the tables on a page have the same columns, it’s nice if those columns line up
Probably not using the correct heading tags
If you reference a core or optional quest from a different page, link to it and use an anchor so no one has to search for it
The page title (the one that shows up in the title bar of your browser) doesn’t reference the game. Make it say something like Fable - Appearance etc.
On the spell page you have that asterik listed twice, it’s probably not necessary. I would even remove it, and have a note at the bottom classifying what spells are good and what ones are evil
There are no references to scars on the appearance page
It might be worth noting somewhere what combination of stuff your character can wear and have that gives the highest overall bonus to each category
Images would be really nice to have, also the title image on the main page is kind of grainy and scaled weird, you should be able to find a higher quality version of that if you search google images, I did

I played about two hours of the game a few months back, so I can’t help on gameplay issues, and most of the things I found are small and cosmetic, and not of utter importance.

  1. The note on the main page is good (does not cover the expansion pack) but sounds a little harsh to me. “I will not answer them”? Might be small, but hey, Epic stole all the good stuff.

  2. On the Armor/Clothing page, maybe the notes should be under the tables instead?

  3. Silver Key Chest Things page: The 5-Key, 10-Key Chests, etc. Should be slightly larger, underlined, or something to stand out from the chest locations.

  4. Spells: Once again, small, but I believe the colums should be a little wider so Level and 1 or 2 or 3. aren’t on different rows.

  5. Titles: The tables should have a name instead of just a description.

Why doesn’t the shrine cover Lost Chapters content? It’s not that much extra, and people seem to need help more with Lost Chapters quests than the originals.

I suggested the game be handled with one piece at a time, after seeing many people try to bite of something like Diablo II and its expansion in one bite and utterly failing.

So let’s nag Fable for an expansion shrine as well.