F-zero Is Out!!!!!


I don’t like racing games, and it isn’t released in Europe: So I can’t and won’t get it.

Now stop getting shaked by the release of a console game. nod, nod

F zero GX is not just a racing game.

Originally posted by Sinistral
F zero GX is not just a racing game.

It is a way of life!

The F-Zero series has always been hard for me. I’m going to rent it then see if I want to buy it. It certainly looks really sweet.

The game I want to get is SC2. I think I will like this especially since I really never got to know SC1 in the arcades or on the DC.

I am SO getting this once my funds recover from the gaping hole my new TV left in them. :hahaha;

Also getting FFTA.

I’ll pick it up sometime, but friday Soul Calibur II comes out, that is my first priority(Moneys tight :frowning: ) And the fact I’m not a big fan of the F-Zero series, or the racing genre itself.

I got a speed headache already and it has only been three hours. :thud:


I unlocked the Diamond Cup today, I just discovered the true meaning of pain, I weep. The first track makes the Big Hand of F-Zero X look like childsplay.

Now Zero’s so speedy he already dub0l postz0rz

3 day gap in between, that makes it okay, right?

I can’t wait to get F-Zero…but must suffer more torture until then. Oh to play Captain Falcon at high speeds… :smiley: