Eye to hand coordination

Nicely done.

I beat all the levels and got 107 points in the bonus one.

Neat. I liked the music in this game and that other little game with the little characters that built their little world.

This game is hard. :bowser:

Bah, it sucks. It’s impossible to play with a touchpad!

Yeah, the damn little arrow thing rocks all on its own.

Fun game. Though I thought the volcano level was a little anoyying.

Nice little game. Good catch, Ren. It even brought up my self-confidence when I could understand the Spanish words on the page.

Haha the music is fun to listen to

I got 111 on the bonus thing

Edit: 113! This is really fun inbetween AQ pulls :smiley:



Oh god I can feel my e-penis engorging

meh, got bored.

Interesting game, and the music rules. I want MP3s now.

Ditto, the game was fun until around Lava 2 or so, then the music started getting on my nerves.

Good times… I liked the bonus level… I got 119 as my score for it.

Heh … this is pretty cool.

EDIT: 124, whoo.