Anyone remember him? Does anyone know how to contact him? He used to be on my buddy list, and then went through a million name changes. So I dont know what he has now days.

astrozxmbie? Something like that.

Read after the first posts to find out what happened to him. Sorry, I don’t know any way to contact him.

his sn is strawberry kyo

Same here. I miss him. :frowning: More even, his awesome moehawk pix0r. <3

I want an awesome mohawk (picture)…

Exo exo fo flexo banana nana no nexo

Yeah seriously, I miss the guy.

Am I the only one that doesn’t miss idiots?

Dude, weren’t you around that night when he was like, um you know?

Yeah, I miss him too.

I remember him getting banned for calling Valkyrie a guy, or something like that from the boards. Then what happened? She was really a he? Oh man… that sucks.

  • Exo(The Idiot, but the boards have went to hell anyway.)

Guards seize that man!

Oh man, great tribute!

That’s a feuxhawk! He should be ashamed!

I remember that guy. He was a dork.

That’s not a goddamn Fauxhawk, Arac. Shut your mouth.

I miss Exo too :frowning:
Oh well, I have him on AIM, so he can be like… “sup” whenever he wants.

Yeah Peekabo, you suck, go find exo

After the mohawk. :fungah: I think everyone was just angry cause he looks better than them.