Exercising and Fun :D

Ok I figured I’d post another question to you people, like the nosey person I am.

I recently discovered the joys of doing private little workout sessions in my own home, and it’s quite fun. I used to be really active before, but the past year or so I’ve gotten extremely extremely lazy. I started to my own routines at home a few months ago, but I couldn’t stick to it everynight because alas, I got lazy. The only real thing I’ve been sticking to are my 46 sit ups each and every night for a year and a half (Ise so proud ^^)

Well I’ve kinda began to get health consious and aware of all the bad stuff I’m eating. I’m not a big junk food eater, but fatty foods, etc. So I’m slowly trying to cut back on the greasy shit I put into my system, and yes, I admit, I don’t want to spill out of my pants anytime soon. Health wise, Im a few pounds underweight, but yeah, I’m still paranoid.

So anyways, I’ve been getting back into workout sessions I do at home, with stretches and weights and stuff, and it’s fun to break a sweat again. I plan on going to the gym a few times a week once I get my lisence, but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what i could do on my own without the aid of a machine? or any advice? I’m planning on taking up Shotokan karate + Iajitsu, (I’ll take any martial arts suggestions to consider)but for now, I’m on my own.

See? Now you know my physical background ^^ So hopefully I’ll get some insight, I know there’s a lot of intelligent people here that may have good ideas on what I can do on my own, or any links.

If if you can’t be helpful well then…discuss your physically active life, huzzah.

Exercize? FUN!?!?
Surely you jest.

I recently discovered the joys of doing private little workout sessions in my own home
Good lord, I can take that in SO many ways.

I KNEW that would be you who would pick up on that first. Silly boy.

DDR is good exercise.

Omg! i meant to mention that. I never played DDR before, so yeah I have no idea what to get, and stuff. But it sounds like it would be fun and…exercise-y. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks.

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Exercize? FUN!?!?
Surely you jest.


I’m a big fan of long distance runs myself, although that can be a bit boring for individual exercise.

Yeah I should mention I’m still living through a Canadian winter, so that’s partially my reason for indoor stuff because I’m not fond of freezing my ass off :\

I happen to be Very fond of freezing my ass off.

A few weeks ago there was freezing rain, and this massive foothill near my house became a slippery slope. I climb it for kicks and for excercise. Nearly impossible to get to the top, but I’ve done it a few times.

If you have access to a pool, swimming is great. I used to swim competitively, and the workouts were great for staying in shape - I haven’t been in a while, but I’m planning on starting slowly in the next month. Water aerobics is better in a different way - I took that during my first year of college, and it was super (resistance through water, yet no joint pains like in land activities).

I’d buy DDR and use that, but I live on the second floor of a three-story building and I don’t want to annoy someone downstairs with any stomping. I do dance frequently in my living room (stomping free) when I decide to play some beat-heavy music.

Yeeeeaaah swimming’s really fun. That’s like the only…sportish activity I actually like. I have money so I could go check out what I need to get the…stuff for DDR but I know my parents would look at me funny whilst doing it -_-;; Oh well I need to grow up sometime.

I usually just randomly spaz about as my escersize. =\

That and Eva. Oh yeah. Our “excersize routine.” Wink wink. Hehehe… hahaha…

I bet you think I’m talking about sex, but… uh… we take a yoga class together. Yeah. Its somewhere in between Canada and NY. <<

We are very flexible people aren’t we CC…

I normally just walk as much as I can. As it stands, I’m quite a bit underweight. 8)

No way! You go to Subway to become the next Jim dont you Dalton? =D hehe.


I guess I’m a tad overweight…
I do like swimming though.

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We are very flexible people aren’t we CC…


I taught him how to do that, everybody.

Haha okies I dont want to get yelled at for being a slut. One locked thread is enough :kissy:

Private workout sessions usually are fun. At least for me.