Excalibur 2: FF 9

I was wondering who, if anyone, has gotten the Excalibur 2 for Steiner in FF 9. This seems like an impossible task and I would like some assistance or knowledge of how to get it. Maybe even tell me how you got it if you did. Any help would be grately appreciated.

Not personally. I’ve seen plenty of guides that ‘show’ you how to do it though. From what I gather a goodly portion of it comes down to how lucky you are with the boss fights and stuff. Not Square’s best-ever minigame. >:\

Agreed. I hate having a time limit on many things. One of them is when it is having a time limit to get the best weapon in the game. Guess I will have to practice a lot to obtain it. I also hated the jumprope mini-game.

Press X really quickly at all the dialogues.

Rush through the dialogues, skip the FMVs (open the cover), never ever do a sidequest, save before you buy new equipment, decide what you want and what to equip on who, then reload the save and do it really fast, reload save if you get more than 3 or so encounters per dungeon not counting bosses (run for a bit. stop for a second. run for a bit.), etc.

For money, you have to sell Ethers. Also, for beating certain bosses, you will need to use Tents ON the bosses. You have to skip a lot of battles and keep your level relatively low, because you simply don’t have time to battle.

If you ask me, it’s barely worth it. If you’re willing to go through all this, then you’ve probobly played this game to oblivion already. :hahaha;

Frankly, I never bothered, and never plan to.

Oh yes, don’t forget to save before shopping and planning ahead. Save a file when you have a good starting time, then turn the game off for a sec and plan your next move. Look at the maps, and find the shortest route that will get you the items you need to progress.

Try to limit encounters as well. I don’t know if this works, but try running a bit at a time; I used to do this to reduce encounters in FF5, and it generally seemed to work well.

Grab a turbo controller and set “X” to turbo for skipping dialogue! This works pretty well. And like TD said, skip the FMVs.

I could understand if it had been a kickass weapon, but chances are Steiner does max damage by the time you get to that point anyway. it’s pointless and the only real reason for doing it is to brag, which is THEN invalidated since an Action Replay will get you one ANYWAY. You’d have to make a Done-Quick video to have any hopes of impressing ANYONE.

Necroposting time! Sorry but this thread really appealed to me, and it was on the first page anyway, so whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very possible. I haven’t done it, but I’ve attempted it. I was at about 8 hours at the end of Disc 2, which is slightly too much for that point.

It’s really not worth it though. There are SO many things that you’d have to skip in order to do it. Say goodbye to ALL your good equipment and have fun trying to kill Memorian beasts with like 1000 hp :stuck_out_tongue:

The power of Excalibur II doesn’t justify the sacrifices you’d need to make to get it.

Not me. I love taking the time off to talk with everyone, go everywhere, get everything.