My exams start today, today in 2 hours. So I’m doing some last minute revision now. Anyway, it’s one week of exams, then a week off, then another week of exams, then freedom. We start with IT, I’ve pretty much got everything fully revised on IT for now anyway. Wish me luck!

I’m gonna play Quake until the exam starts, its early, and I’m bored.

Well good luck Gil. I sure you’ll do just fine.

I have already had my first two exams, which leaves nine more to go. I pretty sure I’ve passed them both, but I don’t know as of yet.

I don’t have exams until Wednesday and Thursday, and I only have a few of those to take.

Last minute cramming is counterproductive.

Last minute cramming can help, but it won’t help as much as long-term studying.

I think I passed that IT exam with ease, but now I have 3 more tommorow. Music, German and Christian Perspective R.E.

Best of luck.

I don’t study for Highschool Finals, because they’re not hard.

Yeah, good luck on your finals. I know that I managed to pull out a miracle and I passed all of my classes so if you’re in difficulty in any classes I hope my luck rubs off on you.

It’s skill!

whether or not you’re cramming, it’s a good idea to sleep for at least two hours before an exam. Preferably about 3-4 hours before the test. That way you can wake up after studying, review stuff relatively quickly, shower and eat a little something, and then you’ll be arriving at the test at just about the right time that your brain is finished warming up.

Sleep is massively important, I agree. If I had the choice between not sleeping and cramming the night before and sleeping, I’d sleep because if you can’t understand what the question is asking because you’re too tired, you’re fucked since you can’t apply what you spent the night cramming.

true, although I’ve found (and this may not be the case for all) that one can sleep for just a short period of time, and thus maximize both their available work time and their level of alertness. For example, I had two papers and three final exams/papers to handle in three-four days. What I’d do is mess around for a while, and then sleep for like 4 hours. I’d get up, shower and relax for a short while, and then my brain is all awake and active after sleeping. Then, it would give me just enough awake/alert time to write a paper or study or something. About the time I’d finish my brain would be shot, then I’d go mess around a bit and then sleep again, repeat. I was like Da Vinci!

I’m listening to all of this advice. My final A-Level exams start next week. Although luckily I have a guarenteed C in IT, 'cause my previous units were pretty high and we don’t have exams for it.

Good luck, I’ve got GCSE exams all through next month, 7th-23rd. Should be quite easy though. It’s just Chemistry I’m dreading.

I fear no GSCEs. I got 5 B’s on those. ^^ What are you taking?

They’re GCSE’s. They’ve seemed easy so far and I don’t have any today so I get the day off. I could try the sleep thing, but the exams are at 9 in the morning for the most part and we have to be in for 8. Some are in the afternoons, and some are back to back.

Man, this threadmakes me so happy that I’m done with finals. Good luck with them. I hope that you do/did well.

Haw, I took all my exams yesterday and the day before. I took 3 minutes on my Physics final:
“Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the car and the track on this roller coaster”
puts the formula for coefficient of kinetic friction
“Here you go, I’ll do better next year”

HA! I finished mine a week ago. Info becomes very happy realizing that he only has 3 or 4 semesters left YAY!

If I keep up what I’m doing, I can graduate in a year and a half. I felt like I still had ages to go. I only need 37 more units, which is easy to do in 3 semesters (12 is considered full time). If I bust my but and take summer or winter classes, I can graduate next year, but I’llw ait. I’m in no rush because of the Marine Corps.