.. Evil Will Triumph, Because Good is Dumb.. animated?


Is good being dumb enough for evil to triumph? We’ll see.

The most recent thing Mel Brooks has done is the Broadway production of The Producers (and the movie based on it). The Broadway show has won a whole plethora of awards.

It’s pretty funny too. It’s a great show. Surprisingly so especially since it’s a musical stage show by Mel Brooks.

Necroposting for the sake of updating information.

Information that there is in fact an animated SpaceBalls show, and it will begin airing September 21, at 5:00 PM (didn’t say where it’s Eastern or not but safe to assume) on G4.

Let the search for more money commence.

…I AM SO FRAGGING EXCITED!!! gets a bucket of dog biscuits and begins eating them to rock music …Mmmm, biscuity. Well, we better hope the “Virgin” alarm has been shut off. XD

Prepare to be VERY disappointed.

If the first trailer is any indication, Spaceballs animated is going to look like a bad online flash cartoon. Let’s not even get into the unnecessary sexual humor. I mean, yeah, the original movie had its share of sexual innuendo, but it’s not innuendo when its shoved in your face like this! This looks set to pander to the same mentality that thinks the _______ Movie franchise is comedy gold. It doesn’t appear to understand comedy at all.

Spaceballs is dead as far as I’m concerned. Unless it turns out this entire trailer was nothing more than a huge prank, and Mel Brooks essentially trolled us. Would that be bad advertising, or brilliant advertising?

…Spoon, if this disappoints me, I will be irrevocably scarred and then won’t be able to do whatever the hell I do for days on end…readys ten boxes of tissues and his crying corner

Yeah, the guys doing the broadway production came through my university, and vocal performance majors (like myself) usually get in on deals to get into these things for reduced prices - so, I wound up seeing it for free. hell-fuckin’-arious.

I think my local theatre company just got the rights to do The Producers. If they do it in the summer (cos I’m leaving this place in the summer for SoCal again), I’m gonna try out for the part of Max Bialystock.

Mmm, I want to see The Producers…

On the note of the purpose of this thread, I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!!! I saw most of the first episode and I couldn’t stop noticing that it was almost entirely about breasts, which means it was a giant sex joke. Mind you, it was somewhat funny, but mostly I realized that I was going to be severely disappointed about halfway through.

So…sniffles I’m going to be crying in me corner for a while…goes to corner

Well theres two years of false hope down the drain. >_>

God damn it. It’s Reboot all over again. Why can’t people leave all those awesome things from our past back in the past where they belong?

Fucking Revivals! >:(

Goes back to playing MM 9