.. Evil Will Triumph, Because Good is Dumb.. animated?

Cool, animated series by Mel Brooks himself.

I am SO looking forward to this.

G4 why did it have to be G4. If only my current cable plan covered G4 I wouldn’t be in such a jam (MMM… rasberry jam).:booster:

Well, I get no cable at all, so I’ll end up using good ol’ Bittorrent at some point. 8p

You still don’t have cable? Man. I remember you mentioning that like 5 years ago. Still on the ol’ 28.8? Or have you finally upgraded to 56? :wink:

GG’s gonna love this…

Ha ha. I mean I don’t have cable TV. I do have DSL internet (got it about a year and a half ago).

I wonder who else did they get from the movie?

It looks like a Winnabago with Wings.

I know what you meant, Cid. I just remember you not having cable TV and having really slow internet. It always came up in the same posts too

Except that I have no plans of ever getting cable TV. I don’t have the time to watch it and most of the stuff on it is crap anyway. :sunglasses:

I loved Spaceballs, unfortunately I don’t have that channel either, sigh. I guess I’ll have to wait until someone puts it up on youtube, before I get a chance to watch it.

Ah, this is just great. I can’t watch it. Cries

Goes from Suck to Blow

We’re not just doing this for money! We’re doing it for a SHITLOAD of money!

Seriously looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, seriously, Youtube. It’ll have it sooner or later.

I, unfortunately, do not get G4. I, like Cid, also have a decent torrent client. Hooray, internet!

I, uh.

Still have dial-up. c_c

As a completly different note, I mean.

Won’t be the same without John Candy.

But if Mel Brooks is doing some voices, and they sign Rick Moranis on, then I can dig it.

I dunno. If they just retread the Star Wars jokes, it won’t be that good. Hopefully, it’ll be more up-to-date with its pop culture references. I haven’t seen stuff from Brooks (whom I admire as a comedian and producer) in quite a while, let’s hope the Shwartz is still with him. :wink:

Also i nthe realm of dittoes to remarks Cid has made, I will be stealing this off the internet with theft and the murder of innocent cute babies and all those other things that happen whenever anything is downloaded.

Same here. I’m a pirate. My name’s Yar, whaddaya expect?