Evil Overmom.

It’s what you get when you mix evil overlord and soccer mom

… Interesting

Hey, that’s a cool way to get rid of your children and make them happy at the same time ^^

HA! Nice, I liked that one.

What a way to love your children.

…that sucked :\

Ah, I remember the good ol’ days, when mom would threaten to kill me unless I went to the playground! ^^

I agree.


That was cute, in a twisted, evil sort of way.

Snicker I like her…


Also that was weird. Zero, you are still the master of weird stuff. :smiley:

Yoour mothers an evil overmom. I should now. I’m with many mnothers. Especially CHa nd SG’s mothers. There mothers ar emy favorite. Even more than my buddy Austin’ mom.

I’ll make sure to be like that.

That was pretty damn funny in my opinion… heh heh