Everythign keeps looking dimmer


Last month my unit was put on the list of units to go to Iraq. This month we have started some of the initial preparations (dental inspection), this article says that they are increasing troops in Iraq, last week’s violence didn’t help any. Man, I would like to be able to graduate in the next decade. It loks like I’m gonna be seriously set back. My only hope it seems is to get accepted to the officer program and get lucky enough to do that instead of going over.

Ouch. Hope nothing happens to you, man. Good luck.

That’s not good. I just found out that a friend of mine is going over in a week and he wasn’t scheduled to go over. That’s nto very good to hear.

I have a friend with a BF that’s been in Iraq for a while now. He was scheduled to come back in less than a month, but they’re keeping him an additional 3-4 months.

Oh isch, I hope you’ll get to stay…

My friend’s brother got back from Iraq about a month ago. He said he was lucky that he got to come back, in one piece. He had an rocket propelled grenade shot at him, over there. I hope you get into that program Nick.

Best of Luck.

Oh dear… I wish you luck, Info.

Man that sucks. Hopefully you don’t have to go.

Fuck man… I hope you do fine over there.

Forgive me for being insensitive, but why on earth would you sign up for the military knowing you could very well have this happen, and then turn around and say how ‘oh no. I might actually have to go put my life on the line like I said I would!’

I mean, it’d suck if you died or something, but the likelihood of that is pretty small. Just dress like a Canadian, then you’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue:


He signed up long before the war, I think. For many people, enlisting is a chance to get scholarship money, employment and stuff like that. Military recruiters constantly use those incentives to try to convince people to sign up.

More important than graduating in the next decade, I would like that you LIVE through the next decade, you know? I mean, I met you, and you’re a really cool person, and to imagine you lining up to walk into that danger, unjustified danger yeah, that just adds insult to injury, but to imagine you walking into that danger is just…it sucks. It hurts. I don’t want you to go.

So best of luck with everything, you know? I really hope you can get into that program, but if not, remember to always be true to the spark of life that burns inside you (in other words don’t DIE on us!). I’ll be thinking of you a bunch.

-Mazrim Taim

Now I can consider you brave. Signing up for the military doesn’t necassarily make you a hero, it’s the chance of dying but still carrying on that makes you a hero. Good luck!

Well, I hope nothing happens to you…
Even though I’ve never met you it would really suck if you died, cause then I wouldn’t be able to ever meet you…

I’m not complaining about going over, I just want to finish school soon. I’ve already lost a year because of the war. Before I joined, I asked how often reserves are called up and I was told only in a time of national emergency. Well, everyone talks about how pointless this war is. Plus, being activated in the middle of a semester waste a lot of my money. I get the tuition back, but I lose money spent on gas and books. It also makes what I did complete seem like a waste of time. Not only that, but if I didn’t join, I wouldn’t have enough money to even go to school. What SK also applies. You have no idea how much recruiters lie. You thought used car sales men were bad, recruiters make them look like saints.

As for new info, they have been giving us a lot of 7 Tons, which is the new truck. Before Januarywe had 5 Tons, then we had 1, and now we have a bunch of them. We’ve also gotten some new hummers. Before activaition we did a lot of maintenance and job related stuff. Now we are doing a lot more training and qualifications. Like next month we are zeroing our weapons and shooting some other stuff.

Thanks Maz, that means a lot. I also want to thank the rest of you for your kind words.

It’s like my mom said, don’t go in unless you’re sure you WANT to go in, and you know WHERE you go in. Don’t listen to the recruiters…

I wouldn’t sign up 3 years ago, I think I’ll be dangerous with a gun, I could of end up killing Infonick, if i did. or worse killed my unit.

Big Nutter
I DO NOT want to kill Infonick or any one else, that is reason i spend my time at home Playing Rpgs.

Actually, i wanted to be a Marine. It is just other lies Sucha s they lied to me about a signing bonus. They also lied about my job, however, how was I to know what I was doing? I don’t regret joining, my recruiters just lied so it is frustrating at times.