Everyone has had more sex than me :(

NO, I’m not talking about my sex life, I mean THIS:


Funny and well done!

I’ve kinda felt some negative vibes on the Board lately, so I thought something like this might help cheer you people up.

My thanks to BUZZ DIXON (same guy who wrote (among other things) the GI JOE cartoons!!) for posting this over at the Oddball Comics Forum (which I haunt under the name “Sijo”.)

And if this has been posted here before, well, so-rree. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very amusing mortal, you may live.

I love that bunny! I feel so sad for him but I love watching him dance! YAYA!

It won’t work. ;_; It says internal server error. Wait and try again? :3

yeah, I went back to watch it again and its not working anymore. Poop


Izlude…could you change that shirtcam pic of the Japanese girl kissing the chicken sandwhich. It’s getting me erotically creeped out. o.o

She looks like a pirate. She actually looks like a pirate.

SHEESH. Figures that something I posted would go on the fritz. This never happens to Zero.

Let’s hope it comes back later, 'cuz it’s one of the best animated music videos I’ve seen.

And Iz, between your avatar and your sig, you officially have the lewdest posts ever. (But I thinks it’s still within Forum rules.) Congradulations.

Hey, it’s back on! Check it out before it fades again!!! :hyperven:

That was mildly amusing. :hahaha;

It’s funny yet sad at the same time

0_o I’m not gonna dare to watch that.

Kiro, it’s just a bunny dancing to the tune of the song “Everybody Else Has Had More Sex than Me”. Absolutely no porn there. Word.

I watched both and I have to say…that bunny is cute! XD

Martinez, you rock. You get the cool old* man of month week award.

  • old is defined as over 30 in this case