Ever wondered what a japanese Toys R Us was like?

Now you know

They get all the cool shiznit too, like the DVD playing Cube…gwararar

I want Love Hina action figures! D:

The L would be backwards?


An entire section devoted to hello kitty…

My god… half the store is mecha! :victoly:

Well, the first thing my eyes locked on to was the Nintendo logo to the right :stuck_out_tongue:

But, all the other stuff looks really nice too.
I’m suddenly very happy I don’t live in japan, otherwhise I’d be really, <I>really</I> poor :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason, just the displayof the Gamecubes makes me think of what the Toys’R’Us in Colma used to look like… when I was younger…

Why do the Japanese get all the cool junk? *Sniff.

Oh…my… holy pork fried moose o_O

I must go there, if it is the last thing I do…

No, actually I wasn’t wondering what one looked like.

DVD-playing gamecube? Sounds cool, but I buy video-game consoles for playing video games. I think the add-ons are somewhat silly.

How come the Toys r Us in NYC doesn’t get stuff like that? >_>

Look at all the gundam model kits!

GRAH! Love hina dolls!

*runs away to japan and never comes back.