Ever wonder how Saber got to be such a great coder?

I’m hypothesizing he’s actually not. Take a look at <a href=“http://www.pjirc.com/”>PJIRC</a>. Look familiar? By changing the colors and taking out the About button, you pretty much have our chat applet. Of course it’s not a huge deal, since PJIRC has its source code freely available. As a programmer, however, I really get offended by people that claim others’ work as their own.

Heh, that’s actually pretty sad. If that’s what it really is perhaps we should change the message on our Java chat.

The first step to fixing this problem, I think you should unban me. Seriously.

Didn’t Saber make #FinalRealm?

No, #finalrealm is Silverhawk’s work.

Right, right. So Saber is the dude from Zircon Studio’s?

Yeah, Saber was the Zircon idiot who couldn’t stand anyone who thought differently than him.

Very good work Kero. That makes a lot of fucking sense. Let’s do the correction ASAP.

Should probably just delete that copy and use the one from that site. And whille were at it, make sure there’s an updated list of servers, which would be:



Well, I already don’t like these people very much. I got banned from the network for somehow flooding or some shit when I wasn’t even online. These kids are goofy. But, it’s cool because there’s really nobody else on the network at all.

It was a bad move in the first place.

quit:(N3wby_Mcn00b785) (N3wby_Mcn0@dork-4278A0E8.adsl.wanadoo.nl)(Quit: Saber is a huge douchebag! -RPGClassics.com)


EDIT: Damn it, wrong thread. Just ignore this.

Found <a href=“http://home.comcast.net/~noinu/saber.bmp”>this</a> at SA:

Saber is a pretty common nick though.

I could ask him if anyone really, actually cares. He runs 4chan and also not4chan, which is what he got permabanned for (not4chan is where the lolikon imageboard went).

Pay the 10bux blowtax and get banned for your personal site, thats brilliant.

He ran an UNDERAGE PORN site Dev, and his last few posts weren’t exactly splendidly anti-pedophilic either.

Saber is retarded! I remember when he played FFXI he made fun of everyone who didn’t, then he quit and made fun of everyone who did play. And he sucked at #finalrealm. Ah, that game was pretty fun.