Ever wanted a mecha to call your own?

You might get to sooner than you’d think…

Mechas are slow, big fat targets. Give me pocket nuke instead.

Evas could withstand nukes <_<

Unit 00 was once blown by a nuke. And anyways I’m thinking about your regular everyday mechas, not demi-mystical ones.

But damn, it would be a bitch to try to fly a Gundam.

<SPAN STYLE=“background-color:#000000;”><FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF">Spoiler:</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#000000">Which it survived without much damage, she dropped because her face got cut in half by the angel. Also, Misato and Ritsuko frequently talked about how Eva could withstand N2 mines and stronger attacks, plus 02 survived an indirect N2 mine hit without any noticeable damage at synch ratio 2.</FONT></SPAN>

Cut in half? I was thinking about the time that snake-like angel got inside 00’s body and Rei pulled a N2 switch.

Way to kill the spoiler.

<SPAN STYLE=“background-color:#000000;”><FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF"> Spoiler:</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#000000">Yes, when she charged Zeruel with that N2 mine in her hands. And she didn’t pull just an N2 switch, she pulled the self destruct switch.</FONT></SPAN>

Then goes all weird, gets a halo, and blows up, And Unit 01 is hardly affected by a self-det of another Eva.

Looks lame. I’ll wait till they have enough firepower to destroy Dakota, then I’ll get one.

ITS A GUNDAM!!!1111elevenses

I’m getting the urge to post the “SHINNING FINGER!!!” song :hyperven:

Why do all of my attempts to post a half-way intelligent thread get shot down? :fungah:

<img src=“http://firstreality.keenspace.com/img/Nuke.gif” align=“center”>KASTOOPA!

Nothing beats the time I used “gorilla” as a sound effect in YKFR. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. :too bad;