Ever want to leap over buildings Matrix style?

How far can you get?

This is really, REALLY good if you’re bored. My personal record is level 35.

EDIT: Managed to get to 20. Gods, I hate that hobo…


This more like Superman, jumping buildings in a single-bound!

Woo, that was amusing, but hard. I got to level 20.

Level 7 ^^;

18 here…

Wow. You must be REALLY bored to play that oO I was fed up after level 4 xD

lv 5

i couldnt get over the bridge

Ever want to leap over buildings Matrix style?
No, not really

Level 29. Lost like 30 lives in that stage. Damn cloud, you had to jump the nanosecond you could start moving to not instantly die x_X

I made it to level 7.
I rule at this.

I got bored and stopped playing immediately after clearing the second obstacle in Level 1.

I got to 11 on my first time through.

It’s an amusing game, I’ll have to try again later.

I had a bit of trouble. Tough came. Cool though.

I also had trouble with the bridge.

I got to level 16.

10…maybe I’ll play more some other time…amusing stuff.