Ever heard of this Anime

It used to be on Toonami, came on back when they still had the midnight run.
The main guys name was like tenki or somthing like that, there was a bunny cat thing that turned into a space ship!

Tenchi Muyo, a mediocre harem show.

Something from the Tenchi series (Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo). I forget which one had Ryooki transform specifically.

Edit: Bah, Pie beat me to it.

Neato, that was bangin show!

Ah, the good 'ol days, when they still bothered trying to have a plot in harem shows.

I think the Harem thing was secondary to the actual plot. Though it probably was the first one to use it (unless you want to count Urusei Yatsura).

Nowadays it’s damn near impossible to find a Harem series that isnt tepid and shallow.

That’s a good question, actually! Chicken or egg…harem or plot.

I haven’t enjoyed a harem show since Love Hina, I don’t think, and god knows that for a while there every other show getting a fansub was some bile-summoning harem construct, each with girls younger than the last. Thank goodness for the FMA and Bleaches of those dark days.

Girls Bravo was still a guilty pleasure. As was Yumeria.

Hey, I’m in the middle of a Tenchi Frenzy except for the Tokyo series - that one bothered me to no end. :smiley: I think Ryo-Ohki transformed in the OVA and in Universe, but not in Tokyo. I’m working on getting the third OVA series discs as we speak.
I don’t really watch harem series (I guess I’m not exactly the target audience, ha), but I’ve enjoyed Tenchi and to a lesser extent Love Hina.

Man, I remember watching this way back in the day. In .rm format. I like how the plot died after the sixth episode and it was just some weird furry harem after that.

I only watched about the last 20 minuets of the first Tenchi movie, and I saw that on the SciFi channel back when it didn’t totally suck balls.

The only other Harem shows I’ve watched were:
The last couple of episodes of Maharaba(or what ever it was spelled); which I did not like.
The Love Hina Christmas Special; noted how the guy was walking around with one crutch on the wrong side, but was otherwise boring.
And the first few episodes of Ultra Maiden Valkyrie; which didn’t suck as much as the other two as I though this one was slightly more humorous.

Apperantly Harems aren’t exactly my cup of tea>.<

I think I watched Tenchi when I was 7-ish. I barely remember it at all. But yeah, Harems aren’t exactly the best animes out there, I tried watching Love Hina (I had a few volumes of the manga and thought it was okay), and stopped after a few episodes because it was boring. >_>

I first watched it in the spring or fall of 1998 when 15.

Thanks for making me feel old. :expressionless:

I liked the Tenchi ova and tv series…except Tokyo…that one was weak. I also am not into harem shows. Is Dna2 considered a harem show…I enjoyed that one too. Remember Ken-ohki…what was the name of his owner? The bounty hunter that is after Ryoko…I forgot her name.


Tenchi is one of my favorite animes(except Tokyo of course. That one was too blahzay). I first saw the movies long ago when my dad rented it from Blockbuster. I thought Ryoko was the coolest character and that Ryo-oh-ki was adorable. I remember discussing with my dad back when I watched all the episodes that played on CN about which girl should wind up with Tenchi and why. I do hope to get a hold of the latest OVA episodes from Tenchi sometime soon. I highly enjoyed the storyline.