Even kitties can be stupid...

O_O; Ouch. That sucks, Spaz. I’m glad your leg is still alright.

I also haven’t had any broken bones or sprains. I’m really lucky.

Sorry to hear that, Spazzy, hope it gets all better soon. But eh, don’t worry too much about it, we all do things that could be considered not very smart on occasion. My stupidest injury… well, let’s see, driving that mountain bike off a cliff was pretty stupid. Mental note: don’t get on a bike you hardly know how to handle and go downhill at top speed. Lucky for me it wasn’t all that high up, and although I’m still not sure how, my fall was somehow broken instead of any of my limbs. Sure, bruised and cut in many places, but it wasn’t bad considering.

I don’t know if I have any stupid injury moments… Though my dad did get in a motorcycle accident for looking waving at my mom when he got home when she was on the patio. He ran into the car in front of him… -_-

One of my worst injuries was kicking someone’s elbow in karate (was aiming for ribs, guess how he blocked. ow. Didn’t walk for 2 weeks, was on crutches for 3). Miracle I didn’t break it. Learn to control the power in your strikes without injuring yourself kids 8P

Can’t say I any clumsy moments. But, hope the legs get better, and yeah, you go the ice cream. That’s good.

Fell off of a swingset when I was a lil’un and took a forward header onto the corner of a cinderblock. I got back up, not noticing if any time had elapsed, and went inside, where my older cousin, who was more or less my sister at that point in time, for all practical reasons, was crying to my mother that I was dead. I of course, thought that I was crying as well, but because I close my eyes pretty tightly when something irritates them, I didn’t know I was actually sporting a near-cyclopean head wound.

Scared the shit out of my cousin and my mother. It pwned.

Once I was climbing around on a swingset, and i slid down it and hit a screw. Tore a nice cut in my shorts, but demolished my underwear. I was fine though.

Heh, Wiz reminded me of something that happened to me in the 98 icestorm. Anyone who lived on the east coast at the time knows this was the worst ice storm in the century. Since we didn’t want the branches from the trees to stick and rot in the spring, my family and I went to get the branches out one night. So I decide I’ll jump over the fence because I couldn’t open the door (snow was blocking it). No problem. However, I didn’t realize this problem when climbing back out at the end of the expedition in my backyard: there was more snow on the other side of the fence to prop me up than on the side I was currently on. This ----|____ was the kinda set up, except bigger. So when I tried to climb back out, my jeans (around my back pocket) got stuck on one of the metal ornaments, giving me the most incredible wedgie anyone could possibly experience. I’ve rarely worn blue jeans since.

That reminds me of the time I put gasoline right in my mower as soon as it went on a hot day, and some fire flared right in my fuggin’ eyes. At least the wire didn’t hit you in your vunerables, Spaz. Close one.

And what was on your mind about Harry Potter, hmm?

Sorry to hear that, StarS. Hope you weren’t hurt TOO badly and that you’ll soon get better.

And as you can see, we ALL have our dumb accidents, sooner or later. So don’t feel bad about it.

Me? I’ve had SO many blasted accidents, I’d better not describe them or I’ll be the laughingstock of the Boards for life! :hahaha;

Glad to know you’re ok. :slight_smile:

hmmm the dumd mistake I’ve done is I keep bumping into walls… O_o;; dunno why but I do…

the injury I’ve recived by stupidity is when I was little, I picked up a brick and dropped it on my foot… ^_^;;

Awww thanks guys. But never fear, I’m still on my quest to make stupidity a capital offense in most states and at least 30 countries.

But anywya, it’s nice to know that other people have stupid injuries as well. Not always nice being alone…

Its ok SS, glad you didn’t get a more serious injury.

Oh, and dont turn the gas on and then try to light a BBQ. It didn’t catch for 30 seconds or so and when it did… FWOMPH

No more eyebrows… or nasal hair :stuck_out_tongue:

when did that happen shalcar?

I haven’t really had any serious injuries, not caused by stupid actions anyway, I’ve almost drowned once, though. I was feeding the swans, stood a bit too far out, and threw a bit too hard: I sort of threw myself along with the food. Took me a couple of second to realise what had happened. Everything went well, though: It seemed like minutes to me, but apprantly it had barely been five seconds.

One time at my cousins halloween party my best friend almost drown me in the bobbing for apples.

Wear shorts on a dirt bike, I dare ya. Rode for about 2-3 hours on a hot summer day, finally dumped it, thigh was sitting on top of engine, left it there for about 10-15 seconds not feeling it, noticed the burn couple hours later when the searing pain set it in. I still have the imprint from my dirt bikes engine from well over 6 years ago.
Edit: Oh ya, also try grabbing onto the main power line running to your house real shocker :eek:

Sin: It happened January Last year, Fortunatly im good at dodging, so it only was glancing, still fried all my hair though…

Also, immediate cold compresses helped too! :stuck_out_tongue: